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Уменьшаем объемы баночным массажем! Cupping massage! MOClub

Hello Everyone! I am Milena. And today our long-awaited video is about cupping massage. For it I use these silicone cups and make the massage as it is done in salons, every other day, making the course of 15-20 procedures to reach the effect I want. I do this to make my skin smooth and reduce subcutaneous fat in legs, hips, backside, even on the back and belly sometimes. Today I want to tell you how this massage is done and share some practical advice as to it, which I’ve worked out for myself. For the massage we need some cream or oil for the cups to move. I like professional cosmetics and use it, but you may use any massage cream or oil. To start the procedure we need to prepare our skin. I start with the lower leg and warm it up a bit, your skin and muscles should be prepared. So start with a self-massage. Your movements should be rather strong and confident, when I feel that my cream lacks some component, I can add some oil to it. When I feel that my skin is ready I take the cup. The massage of each area should take about a minute at first and later you can increase the time. I will now show you the positions, best suited for our self-massage, it’s important to find the position, where all the muscles are completely relaxed. For our lower leg we put one leg onto another and here we put the cup so that there is vacuum between the cup and the skin, then we start moving the cup. At first move the cup in such a way that you feel little skin and subcutaneous fat in there, so that you do not get bruises. Every time you will increase your effort. Look once more. You fix the cup and continue moving it up and down in the following way. In the very beginning 20-30 seconds will be quite enough for your lower leg. Then you make several more movements with your hands and try to make them in such a way that your blood and lymph steams are directed upwards. Your movements downwards should be with less effort and upwards with more effort. The next what I do is the other lower leg and then follows the hip. So again we make the massage. Though I am now in my sport swimming suit, you’d betted do it in some kind of small panties or naked, so that nothing obstructs you. So you make the massage, the movements go upwards, you take your muscle and make the movements up the leg to warm up the muscle, several more times. The next what we are going to do – we will seize the skin with our cup. I dry my hands for the cup not to slide out. Fix the cup in such a position and start the movements. Move the cup up and down, take little skin, so that you have pleasant sensations while making the massage. Gradually increase your effort moving the cup up and down. Then change the direction of your movements like this. Try to make the massage for a minute in this area for the first time. The most frequent women’s problems are hips outer and inner parts of the leg, side parts of the knees, you may make intensive massage here as well. Sometimes you have some fat above your knees and may make massage there as well, 10-15-20 movements, I often count the movements I make. Every other time you make the massage, you make it more intensive. After 1 minute of cupping massage, just go on with your palms to make your blood move upwards. When you start doing the massage the most intensive movements should make you blood and limph go up, otherwise you’ll have overhangings over your knees. I often notice my legs become slimmer and my skin becomes softer, but still I make one massage set only upwards. It’s good to finish the massage in such a way. I fix the cup like this and move it up, then again helping myself with another hand. If you do everything naked then you can move the cup without any obstacles up your back. The next zone you proceed to is your another leg in front. The most difficult zone to massage, when you do it yourself is the back of your leg. But you do it in the same way: massage your leg with cream, the hip and the buttock. Warm up the muscle as much as possible, dry your hands and lie down in such a way that your muscle is completely relaxed. Then fix the cup and move it up. The position is like side plank, my upper leg is now completely relaxed. You may pay more attention to the zones where most fat is accumulated and make some transverse movements. In the end it may be rather difficult and your hand is tired already, so make a session of the movements directed upwards, like this – fix and move the cup up, up and up. Move the cup as much up as possible and devote about a minute to this zone. Then don’t forget about your inner part of the hip – massage it with your hands. It’s easy! The legs become slimmer in this part. Women are often concerned about this zone. So I make the cupping massage like this. When I make the massage of my buttock I massage here (Milena shows) as well. The so called ears disappear due to this massage. You may even massage them with 2 cups in the following directions. You can massage you belly as well, the direction of your movements should be from the inner part to the outer one and then clockwise, like our intestinal tract goes. In the end you may just relax and massage your sides a bit with your hands. So I make the self-massage like this and then I like to make a body wrap with sea weeds. In case it’s interesting to you I can also make a video about the procedure of body wrap with some practical advice. If I have forgotten to tell you something or you have any questions, you are welcome to ask them, to comment and to give your feedback. Waiting for you at our next workout! Bye-bye!

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