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✅ Calum Best gets his blood drained during bizarre cupping treatment

✅ Calum Best gets his blood drained during bizarre cupping treatment

  He’s certainly enjoyed a party or two in his time, but now health-conscious Calum Best has undergone a bizarre cupping treatment in a bid to help his kidneys drain the impurities out of his body   The model posted gruesome snaps of the procedure – which involves making sm incisions in the skin before a cup is applied to draw out blood – on his Facebook and Instagram pages  In the pictures, he is seen lying face down as congealed blood forms within the cups which are suctioned on his back, legs, arms and head  “Look away if (you’re) squeamish or don’t like blood,” he wrote.   “I am about alternative medicines and treatments I ventured into cupping last night for my first time.  “A sm incision is made on areas for cupping including the back of my head – the most intense/grim/fascinating part!!”   Former Celebrity Big Brother star Calum went on to describe how the procedure works  He explained: “Coconut oil and honey (are) applied, then (the) wet cupping procedure starts with a slight vacuum pump   “No pain – just a new tight feeling of skin over, Honestly, no blood or mess.  “The dark congealed blood can be filled with toxins from over the years Yes, your kidneys do this for you but they can always do with some help.”  The treatment was performed at Abdelkader Cupping Clinic in Kennington, South London  Fans were left aghast at the shocking snaps and footage of Calum’s congealed blood on Instagram.  One wrote: “That is so grim ”  Another commented: “Am not squeamish but this is vile. Whatever floats ya boat i guess!”  A third posted: “This is one off the strangest things I’ve ever seen ”   Calum, 37, is no stranger to a cosmetic treatment, having undergone three hair transplants at Manchester’s Crown Clinic by surgeon Asim Shahmalak  He said previously: “Nature’s plan was for me to have thin and patchy hair across the top of my scalp. But the great thing is, we don’t have to follow nature’s plan ” “Hair transplant technology has improved so much in the last five years and I have been able to keep hold of my hair and wear it in my the same way as I did when I was in my teens  “I’ve read research saying that baldness can make men look 10 years older. I would say keeping hold of my hair has made me look at least five years younger The difference in my self-esteem is immeasurable.”

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