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【日本語 ASMR】耳のカッピング ♥ ささやき /Ear cupping, whispering/

【日本語 ASMR】耳のカッピング ♥  ささやき /Ear cupping, whispering/

Hi everyone! It’s EL ASMR nice to meet you. Today, in this Japanese asmr video, I will do Ear cupping Ear cupping Do you like ear cupping sound? I like it. 🙂 Please, enjoy it. But first of all, wear heaphones, because the sound is binaural ear to ear Relax and let’s start! Relax Are you sleepy? nice sound, right? awesome 🙂 ear cupping, ear cupping… tell me, are you sleepy now? this trigger is “tongue clicking” so, guys thank you for watching this video! Thank you so much. good night

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