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1920s Maytag Washing Machine Engine [Restoration]

1920s Maytag Washing Machine Engine [Restoration]

No Spark Oil/gas mix Spark! Bosch Magneto This is bent, I have a replacement bushings seems to be in reasonable condition What has been done to this? Asbestos Alert! Coating it with oil to reduce airborne fibres Top piston ring is stuck cylinder looks good Looks like this is worn Someone has lined the gas tank Bacon bits! What secrets are you hiding? This controls the fuel amount These small parts need to be replaced Lead alert! These brass screws have lead washers I need the rust off first so I can see the paint colour A nice dark green Definitely lead paint, so I will wipe it off Wire wheel everything… Etching primer Fuel-resistant clear paint Ultrasonic cleaner + detergent Nice and clean! Top piston ring is no longer stuck Much better Unpainted parts go back into the evapo-rust to darken I am going to give everything a coat of oil Sensually massage piston with oil The gaps in the piston rings should not line up with the intake or exhaust ports I felt that new piston rings were not needed Crankshaft already oiled Old smoking pipe screens This is the governor It needs to be adjusted to 1.2″ I will adjust the points later New lead washers Wooden pedal brake Points gap need to be 0.020″ 16:1 fuel mix Well, that is not supposed to happen I forgot the flywheel nut pin Flywheel key is gone I salvaged parts from this extra motor. R.I.P. The motor will go under this washing machine Next restoration is on this replacement part is on I will try and slow it down with the governor

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