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2018 Demystifying Medicine: Does inflammation cause cardiovascular disease? If so, how?

2018 Demystifying Medicine: Does inflammation cause cardiovascular disease? If so, how?

4 Replies to “2018 Demystifying Medicine: Does inflammation cause cardiovascular disease? If so, how?”

  • Interesting presentation on Inflammation. Has the NIH investigated the use of Senolytics to remove Senescent cells that release cytokins and create the SASP to neighboring cells that promote inflammation? And how about new enzymes administered to the white blood cells so they can process oxidized cholesterol to prevent foam cells in the artery walls?

  • Fascinating presentation on inflammation's relation to heart disease!

    I came here as a vegan, looking for answers to the question, "Does cholesterol actually cause heart disease?"

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that I did recognize at least a few of the studies (and finding that I probably interpreted studies correctly) mentioned and some of the biological mechanisms, chemicals, terms, etc. despite being a layman and having no college degree. All those hours reading through those complicated studies paid off!

    Was also surprised to find just how complicated this disease is. The number of biological chemicals and mechanisms involved is dizzying!

  • Carbohydrates and sugars cause inflammation. Therefore, sugars and carbohydrates cause arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Sugars and carbohydrates ought to be taxed in order to lower healthcare costs. Switching to the ketone diet is also a way to reduce the cost of food, and prevents all major diseases. On a side note, animals such as newts and salamanders, which have the ability to regenerate limbs, do not have an inflammatory response.

  • Regarding cardiometabolic disease, so oxidized LDL gets into the blood vessel lining, and the body's response is to cap it. But under normal conditions, does the plaque remain permanent, or does the HDL remove it? And if HDL is supposed to remove it, what pathology prevents it (the cap and the underlying lipid/cholesterol from the macrophage)?

    And if inflammation causes CBD, what causes inflammation.. and what inflammation blood marker (+HS-CRP, +IL-1beta, +IL-6, +SAA, +leukocytosis, +sialic acid, +FFA, +TNFa, +Insulin… -HDL, -IL-10… Th1/Th17 (psoriasis), homocysteine) NUMBERS are considered healthy? Is there an OTC version of an IL-1 beta inhibitor?

    Aside from direct inflammatory markers, are there any liver tests (bilirubin, GGT, ALT and AST) that may indicate a higher heart risk?
    Or vitamin levels (Vit. E, B6, B12, etc)? Iron (Transferrin, Iron Saturation, Serum Iron)?

    Does a carotid artery ultrasound provide any useful, actionable data?

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