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3-step breathing space – mindfulness meditation

This is a breathing space and it is a way
for you to bring in your mindfulness practice with you all through the day. It is three
steps sometimes four. It does not have to be in a particular order, it just has three
steps. The first step is to close your eyes if you
feel comfortable with that. If not, you can always do it with your eyes open. Step one
is a checking in step. Just notice what it feels like to be sitting in this particular
position pointing out the contact points of the body in the chair. If you were doing it
standing you may notice what it felt like to have your feet on the floor. Checking in
with what it feels like in the body in this moment, what thoughts are going through your
mind, and what emotions are coming up. So this isn’t about trying to make things different.
Really, it’s about acknowledging how things are in this moment. And we do that with emotions,
body sensations, and thoughts, and maybe even especially if there are things that are bothering
you. We are not going to leave anything out. So just really noticing what is out there
with thoughts, body sensations and emotion. The second step is taking that same focus,
the same level of awareness and moving it to awareness of breathing. So really noticing
what it feels like in the body to take this breath. Both the
in breathe and the out breathe and you don’t
have to do anything different. It is just moving attention to awareness of the sensations
present with breathing. And the third step is to allowing your awareness
to move out through your breathe out through the body. So out the fingertips, up to the
top of the head, and down to the toes. So letting your awareness if it feels right to
you to use the breathe, imagining that the breathe is moving all through the body or,
if that doesn’t really work for you, just allowing your awareness to move to the body
as a whole. All the parts interconnected as one. And if you’ve done a body scan practice
this is the last part of the body scanning where you move awareness from particular parts
of the body to the body as a whole. So just guiding your attention, your awareness in
this body in this moment. And if you had your eyes closed you can just
go ahead and open your eyes as we bring the breathing space to an end.
Thank you. You’re welcome.

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