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4 Clear Skin Secrets in 2019 | Natural Ways

dr. Nick Delgado and dr. Cathleen
Gerenger we’re talking about acne secrets of clear skin in this next ten
minutes you’re gonna learn everything you need to know to have amazing radiant
skin number one what is it dr. Kathleen Gehringer we must detoxified detoxify is
the first step you have to do for clear skin well within that detoxification
what is it the categories what do we have to do exercise get an infrared spa
really exercise though to the point where you’re really heavily breathing
and you’re perspiring that’s great be outdoors really move your body that’s
gonna help clear some of the toxins and also it’s gonna actually improve your
bowel movements because there’s a lot of toxins and people are constipated
because they don’t exercise enough and they don’t get enough fiber which is
another subgroup to detoxification of course the spa we leach out a lot of
heavy metals a lot of what’s called endocrine disruptors and many different
types of chemicals and I would suggest you get in at least I do 20 to 35
minutes at least three times a week in a far infrared spa if you’re interested we
can get a link to you so you can order one to get that skin cleared up what
about number two number two you have to nutrify the body so that means to put
the right nutrients back into the body and that would include starting with a
whole plant-based unprocessed foods diet oil free you’re getting fats essential
fatty acids because you need healthy skin but you get your fats from whole
nuts seeds avocados and olives in reasonable proportions meaning your diet
should center around a lot of vegetables fresh fruit certainly not processed
fruit juice and synthetic what’s called fructose we really want to eat the whole
fresh food in fact I do a lot of cold-pressed juice in about 64 ounces a
day added to a product called slim blend protein to get enough fiber each day and
what’s the next step the next step is fortification that means you have to put
the great nutrients back into your body a fortify your body because don’t forget
your skin is the largest organ in your body and what about the balance to
fortify does that include probiotics dr. Garinger yes
probiotics your microbiome is huge it’s very critical in healthy skin for me I
keep my skin nice and healthy by eating a lot of prebiotics and probiotics feeds
such as kimchi or sauerkraut’s those are really great foods that you’re able to
add back into your body you may mean an amazing coconut wrap veggie taco in fact
of course I noticed there was some sauerkraut in – along with a little bit
of avocado and some other vegetables and beans that tasted amazing and there was
really no added processed food to it it came out incredible and I was getting my
probiotics getting my fiber and my new nourishment at the same time so what do
we need to do then to balance our hormones to fortify the body the
hormones play a huge role in what we call hormonal acne to have clear skin we
have to have good hormonal balance right yes and when we talk about clear skin I
always tell the client the patient that get rid of that pimple before it even
shows up so what does that mean let’s be very proactive with it let’s go ahead
and make sure your microbiome is in balance making sure you’re moving your
bowel movements making sure that you’re getting rid of all the toxic stuff that
your skin and your your body’s exposed to so it’s so important for us to do
that and specifically you need to become aware of the following hormone so you
can take a hormone quiz that’s set up and available at the life performance
dot store you can learn more about the products that support healthy hormonal
balance specifically certain herbs that support that hormonal balance because
think about it the quickest way to balance out your hormones is using these
four steps and by combining these four steps your skin day by day will become
cleaner healthier because really Beauty starts from within and if you have
hormonal imbalances all of these toxins and chemicals booze right through to the
skin they Harbor bacteria they cause problems with buildup of which called
DHT dihydrotestosterone deep into the skin and
also developed certain androgen imbalances associated with other
estrogen in bounces and here are the following best particular herbs in the
supplements that we use to get that incredible radiant looking skin what are
some of these lists of herbs that we must get in the appropriate supplement I
would start with the dim and then the icy three but let’s summarize what dr.
Nick just said the skin is your largest organ so hormonal imbalances can
actually cause a decrease in nutrient absorption or even your diet so
supplementing your body with the appropriate nutrients is so important
and one of the great supplements is called dim we have it here dr. Nikki no
but there’s several bottles on the website if they go to life performance
top store and they can see the visual representations of how to get clear skin
with the particular herbs that we’re talking about yes and with the dim what
it does is that it funnels your testosterone down to the right pathway
and it helps to balance your estrogen level and create a really good estrogen
as well keeping the bad estrogen at bay well when we talk about dim and indole-3
carbinol we really think about you know what is it that we have to do to get
that radiant clear skin and dimmed inal methane is an extract from cruciferous
vegetables ic3 indole-3-carbinol again from cruciferous vegetables wasabi
wasabi root and tumeric of course from turmeric itself
TMG tends to come from apples it’s part of what’s called the methyl donor dmg
dimethyl glycine again another methyl donor PSS phosphatidylserine which is
the ch3 molecule and all these methyl donors so as the body’s generating
energy we can dissipate or remove these harmful toxins that could accumulate
within the skin in what’s called phase 1 phase 2 phase 3 of estrogen dominance
and last but not least make sure you take a fiber such as limba and protein
that’s rich in fiber because that goes in the gut it soaks up some of the
harmful of hormone metabolites and draws it out of
the digestive tract while it supports healthy bacteria and it really basically
supports this whole thing of probiotic and prebiotic in other words the whole
gut connection to good health and so there you have it these are some of the
keys and what we want to do is hear what is this doctor to watch together with a
grouper with bran though there’s some questions there’s about one and a half
second delay in the sound okay we’re gonna correct that how do I register to
life performance know it’s life performance dot store not calm light
life performance not store that’s where you want to go hey thanks for those
quick questions and really make sure you get my new award-winning book on Amazon
acne be gone for good dr. Nick Delgado you can just type that
in to Amazon of course my co-author Sonia battery cibano cell MD she’s a
board certified dermatologist this is an amazing book and you can see the before
after pictures there are several incredible chapters that go into more
detail about these incredible four steps it even names exactly what products how
to go about it what the history and the science behind it
this is your really your manual your absolute key to acne secrets of clear
skin we have an online course as well and that will be linked to life
performance dot store not calm dot store okay makes sense everyone I wanted to be
very direct keep this short segment so we can rebroadcast it and iTunes please
subscribe review and comment and share it’s so important to us because we’re
getting so many new viewers and listeners and I want you to know that we
care about you because when you get healthy skin what else is helped your
hormones your body your look your feel your energy it all starts with the
hormones and using these four critical steps repeat them one more time the four
steps so the secrets of clear skin four simple steps detoxify nutrify fortify
and make sure you put yourself on the right kind of supple
and for my young audience out there that’s place on the pill birth control
pills just because you have a zit on your face you have to really go in and
really find out what the root cause of the problem is and balance your
microbiome and that’s really really important and that helps to address the
hormonal issues because guess what when you get off the birth control pills if
you don’t resolve the root problem the acne is gonna show up again well now you
have it this is the day after Halloween people had makeup on amazing costumes we
went out dancing meeting people having a great time some people indulged in too
much quote candy so check out our Halloween special and there should be a
link there too to encourage you to the healthy aspects of good health and
well-being this is again dr. NIC Delgado please share subscribe and comment
because we depend on you and we will answer your questions and I think you’ll
be amazed at how soon you see within weeks your klindt your skin’s starting
to clear up get healthier and sustain healthy clearer skin for the rest of
your life bye bye everyone and bye

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