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5 ways to nurture your adrenals & boost your fertility

5 ways to nurture your adrenals & boost your fertility

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  • Wow..you are so calming and provide vital information with such an ease. I can watch it videos to increase Meltonin .😌

  • I love your videos. And the information you deliver to us to improve/boost our fertility. And I'm hoping to finally also get a BFP.
    I love you

  • Hi I wanted to ask I am 8 week pregnant but my scan I showing 5th week progress just a gestational sack and a yolk sac. And my hCG levels last week were static. Is there any chance that I can still have a healthy pregnancy ?

  • Great video. Question, can Pap smears cause miscarriages too? I had a Pap smear the week 6, the same week my baby stopped growing. Just wondering if it is fine to skip whenever I’m pregnant again

  • Can anyone take magnesium supplements? Even pregnant women? What kind of do you recommend? I think I match all the symptoms the magnesium depletion but I never felt safe enough to take them.

  • Hello, you are so sweet and positive, and make very interesting videos. My question isn't about adrenals, but about pineal gland: Could taking melatonin for sleeping (for example 1mg, or 0,5) cause harm to the maturing egg? I know you promote natural way of fixing things, but what if I have already been taking it?

  • Hi! Good to see you, thanks for the continuing education ☺️ also a bit off this topic, do you know of a natural or organic women’s deodorant and does this affect fertility? Oops, watching this in bed!

  • I have a few questions hope u or someone can help. My normal period suppose to came april 28th or so but before that like april 22nd i have this nausea and cramping so i thought maybe im pregnant because my period isn't supposed to come. So i take a pregnancy test and was a fainting positive and then i have like 3 days with blood but not like my period most likely like just blood and just little. And then it stop after that yesterday when i was cleaning my self and i saw blood and today i saw a pink spot in my toilet. I took a urine test negative and a blood work and was negative but the nurse told me my hcg level were 4. Can i still be pregnant? Thank You new sub. Btw my tubes are tied

  • Thank you so much for the work you've been doing! Would be great to hear some advice about high prolactin level. I've found out recently due to a blood test that my hormones are doing well except prolactin which is 2 times higher than is acceptable. I have heard that for conceiving its better to have as low prolactin as possible (among the borders of the norm). Since we've been trying to concieve for a year without any result yet i suppose it could have something to do with my prolactin level…

  • Hi, thank you so much for your videos and smiling face, and my condolences for your family's loss. I am 6 weeks pregnant and stressed– and worried what effects this will have on our baby. My prenatal only has 2% daily value magnesium. Can I take extra magnesium safely, and if so, do you know of a reliable brand available in the US? Thank you.

  • Can you do a video on ectopic pregnancy, symptoms and procedures? Tubal removal, healing, and achieving pregnancy again?

  • Love your videos! I’ve watched them all on adrenals. I need to detox the birth control shot. Could you do a video on this? Or give me some tips? Congrats and good luck on your little one! 💜

  • Hi i realy love your video but Im very confuse. I have test my ovulation with ovulation test. The day 13 it was positif. I have sex without protection the days 9 ,11,13,15. But at day 17 and 18 i have small lign brown in my vagina liquid 3 times in 48 hours. And somes little crampes. But the day 20 i start To have crampes more in the day sometimes more intense and sometimes only a little feeling of crampes. Its day 25 now and i still have crampes i start have boobs pain at day 22. I have pass pregnancy test but they are negatif or sometimes a very light ligne likes a shadow. But no more. So this is my questions.If i have spothing at day 17. Can it be a ovulation spothing. Or when it supose To have ovulation spothing. If my last relation was at day 15 can i have a chance if i have ovulate at day 17 or 18 and no 14 or 15. Because the crampes and the boobs pain i have experiment at my last 2 pregnancy but unfortunatly miscarage 2 times around the 5 weeks. I tried for 13 years. And its the first times i can cet pregnant . I have psos very strong with all the effect of that. So i take serophene pills for help me to be regular and ovulate. Im regular for 6 months at 30 days cycle and Feel crampes always fews days before ovulation. I take also vitamines C and D ,omega 3 6 9 vitamines E and also acid folic. Can you help me about it. Because i suspect a ectopia pregnancy. Because i have too long time crampes in my months than normaly. Thank you So much

  • Thank you for all the info! I have a question, do herbal teas cause menstrual cramping?? My cycle isn’t due for another week or more and this is not normal for me !

  • Do you have any videos of how to avoid or prevent miscarriages? I've had two miscarriages this year and I don't know what to do. Im worried it might be my body rejecting a "foreign object" rather than an "abnormality".

  • Can you do a video on adenomyosis and any natural remedies please? It's been hard finding information on this..

    Thank you for your informative videos!

  • Thank you so so much! Do you think as someone with hypothyroidism I should be taking my levothyroxine to get pregnant and lower TSH?

    Do you have any advice for thyroid medication and TTC

  • Sometimes I feel like I never want to be a fat obese a pregnant woman 6 weeks my parent makes me feel like I'm strongly fat and imma Beast really skinny and I'm not ready to have a kit for myself sorry I'm looking forward to get a two-time get myself fixed but it did not work out I feel like someone really want me to have a baby on her every time I looked up on a new to I don't look forward to having it for myself and make you think I don't like other people having that I don't mind leaving someone else's Kid Rock I am they on me I'm just not ready to have my own getting are too tight fix I not wanting to have the kid permit for myself just really really what I want but it's cost a lot of money and it's a quick surgery that all this complication stuff is going on here everybody's different I get it I feel like I'm liking abortion but it's not it's being a surgery so I don't have a kid I'm not messing on a lot of people by zirbel in my own life the way how I want to I would never Force someone to do something when they don't want to it's common sense I don't want I want to is it good for some gals want to have a baby and have a woman a scussion that's not dominating

  • Prácticamente no entendí ningún nombre de las hierbas y /o vitaminas. El que se toma cuando te levantas a las 3 am, ni idea… el magnesio índico más de 1000? Creo q habla muy rápido para mi 🥺

  • What are your thoughts on taking a melatonin supplement when trying to conceive/during early weeks of pregnancy?

  • Hi. Thanks for all the information. I have a history of PCOS. TTC from 3 years. Last year I had a blighted ovum. This time it's 75 days, no period, tested negative for pregnancy. I have been asked to take meptrate. Is it ok?

  • I am 33 (hubby is 49) and ttc. I find your content to be the most informative and ive been binge watching your channel! Please keep the amazing content coming! ❤️ you are an angel!

  • Unfortunately Magnesium in bath can best absorb trough hair follicle so you have to get your scalp get completely with Magnesium flakes bath, Sea salt or Epsom salt. Check Dr. Michael Greger for more information Nutritionalfacts.org

  • I had over double the high normal DHEA-S level on my last blood work. They said it had to do with my adrenal glands, and not to take any vitamins or supplements until my next blood test. Do you have any info/advice for me on why this could be happening? All my other blood work was normal.

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