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A Weekend in Residency (Emergency Medicine) | Life of a Surgeon Ep. 13

A Weekend in Residency (Emergency Medicine) | Life of a Surgeon Ep. 13

[Indistinct chatter] What’s going on guys? Dr. Jubbal medschoolinsiders.com. I am currently on my emergency medicine rotation. Now, residency of this intern year is very
similar to medical school in that you go from one service to the next about every single
month. So, right now I am on emergency medicine,
even though I am a plastic surgery resident and I’m very fortunate that this weekend I
have a few days off, so I’m gonna show you that you can have fun while you’re in residency. Right now it is Friday night, I’m about to
start my emergency medicine shift which goes from 8 pm until 6 am, so this is an overnight
shift. Piece of advice for you guys, if you do happen
to have one or two overnight shifts sprinkled around, then the best way to approach them,
in my opinion, is to take a nap of about three to four hours right before your shift, and
then nap again three to four hours after your shift. That way you’re able to adjust without completing
throwing off your circadian rhythm. However, if you do have a series of nights,
like five in a row, then just sleep during the day and be awake at night. Without further ado, I need to get going to
my emergency medicine shift and I’ll check in with you after. The way emergency medicine works is that you
get assigned shifts, so you can work a Monday from 8 AM until 6 PM, and then at Tuesday
from 8 PM until 6 AM et cetera, et cetera. Alright, guys, it is now 6:15 AM, I just finished
the night shift, chat soon.The nice thing about emergency medicine is that you know
exactly when you’re going in and when you’re going out. So, I went from 8 PM all the way until 6 AM
and I ambitiously planned to head over to the Grand Canyon Saturday morning. Today is now Sunday morning, we were gonna
head out on Saturday, but I wasn’t feeling too well, I was feeling a bit under the weather
and the lady made a good point which is that, got to listen to your body, so I ended up
sleeping in, took it easy as a rest day and now at a Sunday morning, we’re about to head
to the Grand Canyon. So, we left early that morning, drove all
the way to the Grand Canyon, got us to do a little bit of sightseeing. And how long does this pass last? seven days. Seven days, awesome, thank you. So, we just entered the Grand Canyon national
park, we’re actually driving now to the rim. I’m super excited, I’ve never seen it, the
lady has seen it in the past, this is gonna be my first time, super stoked. Alright guys, so take-home points from that
shift on Friday night, number one; it’s very easy for physicians and surgeons to grow jaded
or cynical and start treating patients as just diseases. But you have to remember that they’re patients
at the end of the day and by making that connection, by treating them as people, everyone benefits. You’re gonna feel a lot better about yourself,
about the care you’re providing and they’re gonna be a lot happier in the end. So just remembering that patients are people
at the end of the day I think is very important not only for your own sanity and satisfaction
from your work, but also on the receiving end, as a patient, uh, receiving care. Number two, don’t drive drunk, you’ll [beep]
yourself up, you’ll [beep] other people, don’t do it. We only saw the southern rim, we didn’t get
a chance to see antelope canyon, but that’s for next time. Now, this thing is truly immense and it makes
you feel very, very small, a very humbling experience if you will. So we are now at the Grand Canyon, I gotta
say, it is pretty unreal, I’m used to seeing Horseshoe Bend in the photos, and this is
just vast, immense, huge, makes you feel pretty insignificant. What do you think? It’s great for our carrots, no it’s incredible. Ha ha ha. Great for carrots. Mh-hmm. There were beautiful views, we caught sunset
at the actual Grand Canyon and it was surreal. We’re out here at Grand Canyon sunset day
one, I mean, I’m not even gonna try to describe it, just take a look. So, after the first night we caught sunset,
got some dinner and early the next morning we headed back to the Canyon to get a little
bit more sightseeing in. Second day out here in Arizona, we’re going
back to the Grand Canyon, taking a second look during the day time and then right after
that we’re gonna drive all the way down to Sedona Arizona. It’s about two hours, lots of cool stuff to
see there, not as popular as the Grand Canyon, but stay tuned, really exciting stuff. Now, this was during the bright day, again
enjoyed the great views for about an hour or two and then we headed South all the way
down to Sedona Arizona. A lot of you may be wondering, how I’m able
to take this time go to the Grand Canyon in the middle of surgical residency? Is just a matter of making the time, being
efficient and working hard and getting your stuff done, and then making sure you take
that time to enjoy yourself, take care of yourself, exercise and spend time with loved
ones. Be in nature, recharge. Be in nature, recharge. The drive there was spectacular, the winding
mountain road with the lights hitting the trees just right, it was beautiful. So driving into Sedona, we set our things
down at the Air B&B and headed off to see Kachina. Now, Kachina is one of these rock formations
that looks like a woman with a baby on her back. So that is Kachina because it looks like a
woman with a baby on her back, can you see that? Yeah. Now, for those of you who do not know, I personally
did not know this, Sedona Arizona is considered a spiritual vortex. I didn’t know exactly what that meant, so
I did a little bit of reading and essentially there some energy there that we can’t really
explain or quantify in traditional scientific terms. They call this a vortex, what’s a vortex? It’s an energy field, where everything is
amplified or I should say all emotions of energy is amplified. I don’t know if it’s electromagnetic or whatever. Some people believe in this, some people do
not, I’ll let you decide on what you guys wanna believe, it’s a cool spot though. Now I had to work on Wednesday, so on Tuesday
we got another quick visit at Kachina and then had to, unfortunately, leave Arizona. Kachina here at Boyton Canyon, I’m wearing
my sexy hat and now we’re about to get lunch and head back to California. We drove back all the way to California taking
us about seven or eight hours, luckily we got to enjoy a beautiful sunset on the way
back. Now ultimately, I wanna make a few points
with this video. Number one; you can do a lot in residency
or when you’re busy in medical school or as an undergrad if you plan appropriately. Now the main issue with that that I leaned
on the tail-end is that sometimes we can be a little bit too aggressive with our planning. I was falling sick, I decided to still go
and ultimately it was less enjoyable than it could have been. And the second lesson kind of contradictory
to the first, which is that sometimes we need to take a break for ourselves. So keep that in mind guys, remember to have
fun, maximize your time, but that also means taking time for yourself. I hope you guys liked the video, let me know
what you think down on the comments below. If you like the video, make sure you press
that like button, hit subscribe if you have not already, and I will see you guys in that
next one!

13 Replies to “A Weekend in Residency (Emergency Medicine) | Life of a Surgeon Ep. 13”

  • I said this at the end of the video, but it's important I emphasize it here. It's important to balance work and play, and being efficiency and productive during the week frees up time to go on fun adventures like this. However, there is a limit and I learned this the hard way. I packed a lot in during that week and I overextended myself, which likely contributed to me falling sick and not enjoying the trip as much as I could have. I ambitiously planned driving over to Arizona after my overnight shift (which ended Saturday morning) but Karina convinced me to take it easy that day and we pushed back to leaving on Sunday instead. I find it necessary to remind myself that it's not about maximizing every single moment with either productivity or fun. Sometimes it's ok to slow down. You don't have to be 100% 100% of the time. Relax. Breathe. Be.

    Hope you all enjoyed the video!

  • WOW!! Its so beautiful over there, I loved watching it. Thank you!!
    Ps. Can you do a video on how you study effectively?, and memorize things for your exams?

  • Very nice, Jay! Just finished semester and planning a few trips before I have to get back to OChem 2, Analytical Chem and Cell Biol!! That balance between building/creating and enjoying is super important!

  • wait. why are you on ER rotation? are you treating pt's or just on call for emergency plastic surgery (if thats even a thing, I don't think it is)

  • I just found your channel a few days ago so I’m still learning about you & your life. Not sure if that’s your girlfriend, but her voice is SO BEAUTIFUL. She should do voice over work haha.

  • Should have watched this video earlier. This week was finals week and I ended up studying with no breaks and relaxing at the very end. I ended up with a lot of stress inside and slept in most of the day so it really is important to take care of your health while getting things done.

  • Check out Prescott next time too. Less busy and less tourists than Sedona.
    No Vortex there though. 🤪😉
    Flagstaff is a great town too.

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