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Accredited Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Certification Training Graduation

Accredited Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Certification Training Graduation

– Super excited, (claps) you guys excited? – Yes. (audience cheers) We’re here, its been ten amazing days, I was just thinking about earlier, I’ve been spending with these guys, who you’re going to meet pretty soon. And I’m going to miss you,
each of you guys, so very much. You’ve had a wonderful ten days
together, learning hypnosis. We’re here in beautiful
Bellingham, Washington. And before we begin the
graduation ceremony here today, I want to start by thanking each of you, each of you, for being here,
putting your trust in me and in my team here, to help guide you through this wonderful
profession of hypnosis. I want to thank all of our
viewers at home for landing us, your loved ones, for this period of time, with the pretty intense
training that we have here at Cascade Hypnosis Center
for training and services. And so what we’re going to do here today is we’re going to celebrate. And we’re going to celebrate
all of your hard work. We’re going to celebrate all
of the things that you went through in order to be here today, all the money you spent,
the time you’ve spent, what you’ve learned in class, the moments that you were
vulnerable and shared, and learned things about
yourself in hypnosis, the things that you taught us in class. And so I’m going to invite
each one of you up here. You’re going to get your certification, and we will all celebrate with you. And I’ll give you an opportunity to say whatever you’d like to
say about being here today. So lets start with a round of
applause for you (clapping), for graduating today.
(audience cheers and claps) Good job, everybody. It really is my great honor,
being here with you today. So lets go ahead and get started. So the first person I
would like to invite up is a very special–
(graduation theme music begins playing) Thank you, Tim. (laughs)
(audience laughs loudly) That’s Tim, who is pretty
much running the show here, and helping us put on
this fantastic event, to completely transform
this room here today. – [Woman] Yeah. – And so I want to
invite up Robert Dedich. Come on up Robert.
(audience claps and cheers) Congratulations.
– Whoa. – Calm, calm.
– Okay, awesome. – What’s happening?
(audience laughs) We almost had a technical difficulty. – Thank you.
– Congratulations, Sir. Let’s just show everybody
your nice certificate there. And you know you have some
friends here with you. don’t you? – I do, I have my wife, and
my wife’s mother, and my mom. – Yeah.
– So. – That’s fantastic, yeah.
– It’s pretty exciting. – So they’re here supporting you. – Yeah.
– Yeah. So where are you going to be practicing? – 48th, out of Marysville, and serving the the Snohomish County area. – Wonderful, and you already have a name for your business, don’t you? – New Direction Hypnosis. – New Direction Hypnosis. And he’s had a beautiful logo, and a business card that
you already gave me. So what else do you want
to say about the training, or people to help? – Inside hypnosis is really powerful, and it can reach some
depths you didn’t think, needed healing, So I was really privileged
to be a part of this class, and (chuckles) I experienced
a lot of healing myself, so I know it works. (audience laughs)
– That’s were it starts right? You got to be a hypnotist yourself. You’ve got to be a true
believer in hypnosis, is one of the first things you got to do. – That’s absolutely true, and I am. This class, and this course, and Erika, and all the supports
that were just amazing. So I really appreciate the opportunity. – You were fantastic to have as student. You lended a lot to the
class, you offered a lot. And so I’m curious, who
do you want to help? Who do you want to help with hypnosis? – Addiction. I’d like to help people that
are suffering from addiction, mostly ’cause it ruins people, and it can take lives.
– Yep. – And there’s a lot of
people that are afraid to come forward, and this is a very fast, effective way to help people, and get their lives back on track, and I’m just excited
to be able to do that. – Well, that sounds fantastic. Alright, lets give it up
for Robert, everybody. (audience claps and cheers) Very good job, thank you. And thank you to Robert’s family, for coming up here and
joining us today. (claps) (audience claps and cheers)
Yeah, good. Alright.
(man laughs loudly) Our next up is Hugh. Come on up, Hugh.
(audience claps and cheers) All the way up.
(Hugh cheers) State of Hawaii.
– Yes. – Yes, we love.
– Probably did a cold. (audience laughs)
– Yeah, how did you handle it? – I loved it. Every morning, walking here about a mile, big smile on my face, maybe
the last two days, not as big. – Why is that? – Well, because then I
started feeling the cold more. (audience laughs)
– Oh, you did. – Yes, but the excitement–
– Because you were sad the class is over.
– That too. – Okay, that must have
been it, I’m sure, yeah. – It’s so fun to learn
(claps) new things and grow. So many thanks to you, Erika,
and everybody in this room, because you were such a big
part of this experience, too, so really blessings all the way around. – Very good. What about you, you’re in Lahaina. – I’m in Lahaina, the west side. – Yeah.
– West side! (audience laughs) – So what is it, and who
do you want to help today? – You know I really, I want to
help athletes. (claps hands) I want to help people reach
peak performance and potential, especially in athletics, but
as we talk about this more and more, and I look at our society, I’m very lucky I live somewhere where it’s so beautiful outside, pretty much 24/7, every day of the year. Even a bad day is a great day.
(audience chuckles) But the reality is, in our world, we’re more connected than ever, but we’re also as disconnected, maybe more disconnected
than we’ve ever been. So I think I really want to
help with healthy lifestyles. That’s not just body, but that’s
the way we view ourselves, from the inside, and
taking a healthy approach to our bodies, our minds,
and the way we connect to our community, and the way
we connect to our fellow man. So I think that’s a big part
of what I want to do now. And really this course opened me up to a little more of that, too. – Yeah, yeah.
(Hugh claps hands) It’s a bigger picture, the holistic value of all of it.
– Absolutely, absolutely. – Great.
– But if you’re going to put down a cigarette, don’t
hesitate to call me, okay? I think I can help you there, too. No, I know I can help you there. – Very good, know.
– Yes, yes, that’s right. – Alright, well lets just show everyone your nice certificate here.
(Hugh laughs) Just joining us online I’ll, Thank you very much.
– Thank you so much. (audience laughs and cheers)
– Alright. – Okay, so I’m just going
to give a little love to our folks who are
joining us at home here, so give me just a second. Let me just check in here online and see what is happening. Give me just a second. Tim, can you tell us some of
the viewers what’s going on? – [Tim] Lindsay – Oh.
– [Tim] Lindsay’s out there. – And what does she say? – [Tim] She sends a heart. (laughing)
– She sends a heart, alright. So we’ve got Dominique. Dominique is watching. Thanks for being here, Dominique. A previous grad, Robert Mackey, looking forward to seeing it. We’ve got, let’s see here, Bob Newny says,
(woman gasps) (audience exclaims loudly)
Oh Pam, seems we got a fan. Okay, Erin Frye and John Kim. – [Tim] And Pete says
congratulations to everyone. (audience exclaims)
– Okay very good. Alright, so thank you everyone
for joining us at home. Everybody here worked really hard, so we appreciate you
taking time out of your day to join in this celebration. Alright, next up is Lisa,
(audience claps and cheers) all the way from another beautiful state, all the way from Florida. Congratulations, Lisa, it’s
great to have you here. Here’s your beautiful certificate. Let’s quickly show everybody. Yay!
– Yay. And so Lisa, what do you want
to share about being here? – Oh, this has been a life changing. – Yeah. – Its been the most eye-opening, it’s like Mr. Hugh said, it’s like connecting to everybody, but truly, when you ask
who do you want to help, it’s endless.
– Yeah. – Honestly, because hypnosis
truly has the ability to make us a happy, peaceful, and absolutely limitless individuals. And it just, if you’re willing
to take that challenge, I know I can help you.
– Awesome. (laughs) And I want you to call me. – And you have some of
your own experiences, with happy age regression,
I heard you. (sighs) – I’ve had some amazing ones here, thoughts I’ve never
even thought of before. – Or its been a long time. – But you know, it’s also an inner change. It’s an inner change of how you look at–
– Was it like real? – Let’s tell everybody
who asked a question, (audience laughs)
was it in class? – It truly was playing all dreams. You know, even with all
of my nursing experience, and my exposure, it truly has allowed me to see the world and the
opportunity out there, and it’s really a different life. – You’re just a beautiful–
– Not just western medicine, is not the answer to all of it. – Wasn’t she a bright and shining star? (audience claps and cheers) Thank you so much. – You’re welcome.
– Yeah, well thank you. – And I do have a name. (laughs) – [Man] Yeah.
– Finally got settled on it. – We have a business name? – I do.
– Oh, okay, okay. – And I know it’s going to last. It’s called Creative Passion. – Oh, Creative Passion. – A passion for change,
and a passion for life. (audience moans appreciatively) – Passion works very well for you. (Lisa laughs)
That’s lovely. Okay, very good, so Creative Passion. And which part of the country,
are you going to be in Florida? – I’m going to be in Florida. – Which City?
– Sarasota, alright. Very good, Sarasota, Florida, alright. Contact Lisa right away,
at Creative Passion. She’s going to be sold
out pretty soon, I bet. (Lisa and audience laughs) – Thank you, and thank you.
– Yeah, you’re welcome. Thank you for being here.
– This has been amazing. – Yeah, it’s been a wonderful two weeks. – Thank you.
– It’s just the beginning. (clapping) Alright, everybody. (audience claps and cheers) Alright, Meggie Houle, or Meggie Houle. – Houle.
– Houle. (audience laughs) – Congratulations, Meggie.
– Thank you. – Alright, very good job. So what would you like to say
about your two weeks here? – It’s been wonderful. It’s life changing, for sure. And there’s a lot of people
out there that don’t know how to reach other people to help them, and they don’t really
know sometime, I think, that there’s something disturbing them, so they distract themselves
with other things, just, for example, like in paragliding. I see a lot of people that, they just jump into paragliding so much, they just do it all the time. – I haven’t heard of this one. So they over-paraglide?
– Exactly. – That’s like, workaholic,
or paraglideaholic, okay. – So they avoid their problem,
their problems, sorry. So the same, some people have running, like they run too much, it can be like, it looks like a healthy habits, but there’s actually something in the root of that that
they’re trying to avoid, so I want to reach those people
that don’t want to actually, like, you know, we find
a way to scribble them, say hey, maybe we need to, you know, just a little help there, you know? – Yeah, that sounds fantastic. And where are you going to be practicing. – So I’m going to be
traveling a little bit, which my business is
called Navigation Hypnosis. – Ahh!
(audience exclaims) Ooh, yeah, that so nice, okay. – It’s going to be, at the moment, on the eastern side of Washington, Moses Lake, Wenatchee,
but I want to try to reach through some public speaking,
business, and just travel, and bringing awareness of hypnosis to people that actually
just don’t have that in their community. – Great, yeah, so just help
people know what hypnosis is, because there’s a lot of
misperceptions out there. – Yeah.
– Yeah, that’s a big part of any hypnotist’s job, and so I can’t wait to see
you out there doing that, and put it on your paraglide, maybe. (audience laughs loudly)
(Meggie laughs) That would be creative,
do it from the air. And we just, created a new profession. Why not? Alright, very good, thank
you, Meggie. (claps) Alright, and next up, we have got, also from Florida, Tracy Kim.
(audience claps and cheers) Tracy got some fans out there, so what do you want to say to your fans? – Hi, everyone. Hi family in Florida, if
you guys are watching. – Thanks for being here.
– Thank you. – Yeah, so what do you want
to say about your time here, or who you want to herald right now? – I want to say thank you to
you, such an amazing time. – Of course.
– And Tim, where’d Tim go? There he is, my society.
(audience laughs) Annie is here somewhere?
– There’s Annie. – Where’d she go, oh
there she is, thank you. And Shannon, who’s not
here, thank you very much. You guys have been instrumental
and great, in helping. – Back to you.
– Back to me. – Amazing experience, I have
(sighs) learned so much, and I just, I can’t wait to
get out there and just go. I’m just, I’m ready to go, and put to use everything
that I’ve learned to just help everyone with the things that nothing else is helping,
but we can help you with. – Hypnosis works, even when everything else–
– Everyone knows this, when everything else is, exactly, exactly. So you know, I’m a nurse, and I want to help with medical issues, ’cause western medicine, as Lisa said, isn’t the best option at times. Also, athletics, sports,
I want to help as well, athletes with visualization,
and hypnosis can help. – Awesome.
(hands clap) Good job. (claps) (audience claps and cheers) Alright, next up is Jason,
all the way from China. (loud whistle)
I think you joined us, last class, from California.
– I’m from California. – We thought you were in China. – We spoke from China, yes. – Yeah, and from California.
– I am a traveler, as well. – Awesome.
– Originally from California. – Yeah, so what would you like to say to your folks out there, your fans, and people who are going
to be working with you? – Sure, I just want to say this
experience has been amazing. This group of people, absolutely amazing. One thing that I really took
from this whole experience is, I understand like the core of hypnosis, there’s a lot of compassion involved. We really, truly want to help people, and hypnotists, as hypnotists,
we need that compassion, in order to help these people. Being surrounded by all these people, I can totally feel it, and it’s just, it energizes me.
– It’s good, isn’t it? – I absolutely love it,
oh, absolutely, yes. It’s a wonderful feeling. – Very good, so do you know
the name of your business? Do you know if you’re going
back to California, traveling? – I’ll actually be, probably,
working out of Austin, Austin, Texas.
– Oh, Austin. – Getting things settled down, it’ll take a minute to settle
down, but after short while, short term, you can look for
me in Austin, I’ll be there. – Austin Texas, a beautiful place, Austin city.
– Yeah, a very short time. Oh, it should be, yeah.
– Yeah, lots of music, and cool live events there.
– I’m all into it, yeah. – Yeah, very good. Alright, well thank you, Jason. (claps) (audience claps) Alright, next up is Heidi. Where is Heidi? (claps)
(audience claps) There she is, beautiful rainbow hair, seriously.
– Hi. – Congratulations.
– Thank you. – What would you like to say to all the people you’re
going to be helping? You have some pretty cool
businesses already, don’t you? – I do, yeah, I will be doing
hypnosis under the umbrella of my non-profit, Mindful Presents, and so I’ll be helping give
stress relief and relaxation to families who have been
at Children’s Hospital and their care providers. – Whoa, how cool is that? – That’s where my passion is at. They have so much to worry about, and if I can offer them any stress relief, that’s where I need to be. – And what a wonderful thing. You’ve already introduced
this to the hospital, and you’ve been accepted into the hospital for doing the work you’re already doing, haven’t you?
– We’re already training the parents in meditation and breath work, and we’ve already been invited into the Ronald McDonald House. – [Man] Nice
– Very exciting. – Let’s give her a round of applause, that is fantastic.
(audience claps loudly) We’re going to help these
kids when they’re younger, help the parents, right? Okay, that’ll be good. Awesome, fantastic. Do you want to share the
name of your business, or where you’ll be working, anything else? – I’ll be working under the
umbrella of Mindful Presents. – Okay. – So, yeah, my non-profit
that already exists. – Mindful Presents,
that’s a beautiful name. – Yeah, like presents,
like to gift, present. – Oh, Mindful Presents, oh, very nice. Alright, anything else
you’d like to share? – I just want to give my
gratitude to you, and the staff, and everyone here. Mind blowing experience,
allowing me to be vulnerable, and being vulnerable with me, so we can all learn from one another, and be the best care providers
that we possibly can. So thank you. – That’s beautiful, thank you. (claps) (audience claps) Alright, next up is Pam Leno. There she is. (claps and cheers) (audience claps) Congratulations.
– Thank you. – Alright, very good, so, and you had some fans. What’s the fans saying now? Let’s find them again.
– I don’t know. (laughs) (audience laughs) – I seem to have lost it.
– Uh-oh. – That’s alright, ’cause we’ve got you. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – So what would you like to say to the fans that are watching?
– You know, I have a quote that I would like to read, that I think just kind of, over the umbrella of
everything that took place for me here this week. It was quite amazing by the way, and it’s a Marianne Williamson. (Erika sighs)
Yes. (laughs) – So I’m going to start crying
on this one, yeah, okay. – Don’t do that, ’cause I’ll start, too. Okay, so, “Our deepest fear
is not that we are inadequate. “Our deepest fear is that we
are powerful beyond measure. “It is our light, not our darkness, “that most frightens us. “We ask ourself, who am I to be brilliant, “gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? “Actually, who are you not to be? “We are a children of God. “Your playing small
doesn’t serve the world. “We were born to make manifest “the glory of God, and that is within us. “It’s not just in some of us, “it’s in everyone. “And as we let our own light shine, “we unconsciously give others
permission to do the same. “As we are liberated from our own fear, “Our presence automatically
liberates others.” And that is the gift that you gave us. – Oh, thank you.
(audience claps loudly) Yes, and that’s the gift
that you gave the class, too, each and every one of
you showed up, fully, each and every day, and were vulnerable, and allowed your own light to shine. – Well, I think, too, and
what we’re learning here is, we are allowing our own light to shine, but we have the gift of
giving others the opportunity to shine their light, too.
– That’s right. – And that’s the beauty of it. – And that’s what you’re going to do. – I know it.
– Yeah. – And where are you going to do it at? – Olympia, Washington, yeah.
(audience cheers) – What’s the name of your business? – Yes, I do, Wellness Northwest. We’ve been going under Ideal Wellness. It’s been a weight loss
clinic up to this point, but now we’re going to add
weight loss and hypnosis. So the best combination of both worlds. – Absolutely fabulous. And that quote gave me chills, so thank you so much.
– I know. (laughs) (audience laughs) – Let’s give her a round
of applause. (claps) (audience claps) (melodic music)
Oh, thank you, Tim. (laughs) Resa, come on up, Resa. (claps) (audience claps) Yay, Resa. Thank you for being here.
– Thank you. – What would you like to say? – Well, I wrote it down. According to Ernest Hemingway, “We are all broken. “That’s how the light gets in.” (audience laughs) And unfortunately, too many
people are living a broken life, defeated, and unable to see their light. Even when they’ve tried everything else to address their issue, they’re
still feeling this sadness. One of the great things that I’ve learned, personally, in this class, (laughs) is that through the power of hypnosis, we reach our subconscious mind, and when we tap into that, that’s when that power’s
going to come out, and that’s when we’ll see our light shine. So hypnosis works when
everything else has failed, and I want to help those people, the people that are walking
with their head down, looking in the ground. I want to help you. – Ah, bless you. (claps)
(audience claps) And where are you going to be located? Where are you going to be working? – I will be in Spokane County, Washington. – Okay, very good. Anything else you would like to share? – Just thank you all. You all helped me with
your anecdotes (laughs), (audience laughs loudly) and your own personal stories, and allowed me to be vulnerable with you, and I appreciate that. – That’s very good, thank
you for being here. (claps) – [Man] Thank you.
(audience claps and cheers) – Kim (claps), where is Kim at? (audience claps and cheers)
Congratulations, Kim. Come on up.
– Thank you. – Great to have you here,
from Snohomish County. What would you like to share
with our viewers here today, and your classmates, and the
staff, and everybody here? – Yeah, because you are
so awesome. (laughs) (Erika laughs)
(audience laughs) I just want to say thank you. I am just filled with gratitude, from being able to be
connected to each one of you, such a diverse group of
people, from all over, doing so many different things, bringing so much to the table. And thank you to Erika, so grateful. So I just thought the experience of learning that hypnosis was so much more than I thought it was, and it was so transformative,
really transformative. I have a quote, too.
– Okay. – Yesterday. Forgive me if I have
pronounced your name wrong. The poet, Ariana Dancu, and it says, “She made broken look beautiful, “and strong look invincible, “and she walked with the universe “on her shoulders and made it “look like a pair of wings.” (audience exclaims appreciatively) – [Man] Wow.
– Wow, that’s good. – That was so powerful, and I want to help with
people that are struggling, and they have the world
on their shoulders, and whatever’s holding them back, that’s keeping them from flying, from being really lifted up in their life, whatever those issues are, that’s what I’d to help people with. – Thank you. (claps) (audience claps)
Thank you for being here. Alright, where is he? KC, come on up. (claps) Oh, he’s so well dressed. There’s going to be lots
of nice things to say. So, congratulations.
– Thank you, Erika. – You’re welcome, what
would you like to say? – What would I like to say? I’m so glad you’re here, leading. I’m worried, thinking about,
oh, I have to know what to say. What would I like to say? This has been an amazing
experience, absolutely incredible. I came in with really high expectations, and they were all exceeded. Everything that I thought
I was going to get, I got that, plus more. And so it’s been really fantastic, and I’ve been working with helping people on sort of an accountability,
coaching type of level for awhile now, and one of
the things that I realized, when I was wanting to help people, was that we get hung up on the behaviors, behaving in a certain way
that we don’t want to, like the eating too
much, drinking too much, whatever it is, and then we
try to attack these problems on the behavior level, just
with grit and willpower, and then that tends to not work. And I realized, with my
clients, trying to help them, man, I’ve got to find a way to get, to the root.
– Yeah. – And that’s what led me here. I feel like I can help all the
people with all the things. (Erika laughs)
(audience laughs) All the people with all the things. – Line them up.
– Yeah, yeah. Line them up, let’s come on in. You know, it’s really great. I focused on, largely on
health and weight loss. That’s a big thing for me, that I would like to help people with, and I’ve had my own
transformation with that, as well as confidence, sales,
public speaking type of stuff. So those are kind of the
two areas that people tend to ask me for, people ask
me for help with that, whether I approach them or not. And so I’ve been doing that, I want to continue doing that, but also, I feel I can help all the
people with all the things, thanks to the training.
(Erika and audience laugh) And it’s so inclusive, and just, like you say,
it’s a complete work. So it’s from beginning
to end, problem solved. – Awesome, and your business? Do you want to share your business? – Right now, I’m just
going under Coach KC. I’m on Facebook as Coach KC. I’m going to bringing up the new website, and all that type of stuff.
– Awesome, very good. – Thank you so much, Erika.
– You get a hug. – Oh, yeah.
(audience laughs and claps) See, she said she was a hugger. – I am a hugger. – But that was the first
hug I got, so I don’t know. (audience laughs loudly)
– Saving it, all of the hugs. And we’ve got Jen. (audience claps) Congratulations.
– Thank you. – And what would you like to share with everyone
about your time here? You were fantastic in
class, great questions, added a lot of value, lots of
fun, always smiling, right? Good things to say, so
what do you want to share? – I have been fascinated by
regression, age regression, and being able to go back to those places that your
conscious mind just can’t, and I’ve had so many issues over my life, with money, with food, with
sex, with whatever, you name it, where I just know that
there were these reasons that I could never get
to, and so I really wanted to be able to use that
process of an age regression to go back to those, those moments of birth,
those pre-verbal moments, those moments of childhood to just, but I also didn’t know once
I got people there. (laughs) (audience laughs loudly)
– Yeah! That’s an important part
of it, isn’t it, yeah? – Okay, so you had this
horrible experience, and you’re a little like, so now what? So I feel like the biggest
thing that I’ve gotten is, I’ve had a lot of hypnosis over my life, but it’s always been
just direct suggestion. I’ve never had anything like
what you taught us how to do, and so I’m so excited
to give that experience to other people, to really
help them transform and change, and also I’m really excited
to do this work with you, and also with my peers. – Yes, so now you know what
you do when you get them there. – Exactly.
(audience laughs) – Okay, now we’re here,
let’s do the cool stuff. – Yes, exactly.
– Let’s do the good work. – Yes, and then do the cool things to me. (audience laughs) – Well, you know, all
great hypnosis work starts from within, so we get
to be true believers in hypnosis by having our own experiences, and you had your own experiences in class. – I did, exactly. – And I think you came up with
a pretty cool business name. Do you want to share? You don’t have to, do you want to share? – I think what I would like to say is, just really and quickly about
who I want to work with, and then say my title?
– Just go for it. – So I have read, probably, every single book you can think about on how to create lasting love, and I’m always the person
who my friends call with marriage stuff, I’m always the person who my
friends call when they’re like, I think I’m going to be
ethically non-monogamous, and I don’t know what to do? I’m always the person who my friends call when there’re any sort
of relationship issue, and I guess I know a lot, right? But I’ve always known how
to attack those problems from a conscious mind perspective, and I’m so excited to help
people create lasting love, in no matter what type of partnership, no matter whether you’re partnered or not, I’m so excited about that peace, and I really want to work
with women who are over 40, who are really, who like
me, are maybe feeling like, gosh, I have to start my life over, as an aging 40 year old in
a world of 20-somethings. So how can we still have
our confidence and charisma? – I love it.
– Thanks. – [Man] What’s the name? – Oh, it is (laughs), it’s, I forgot. (laughs)
(audience laughs) I just bought the URL.
– Becoming Hypnosis. – (laughs) Becoming hypnosis. – Becoming, in a state of becoming. – Yes, always becoming. – Yes.
– Yeah. – And which part of the world
are you going to be working in? – I’m probably going
to be in west Seattle. – West Seattle.
– And then also in Olympia. I think I’m going to try to do both, ’cause I’m working in Olympia right now. – Perfect.
– Yeah, so look me up. And right now, I’m just going
to be at jenniferwhethem.com. – Beautiful. (claps)
– Thanks. – Thank you, Jennifer.
(audience claps and cheers) Alright, very good. So before we end this here today, I want to say thank you, once again, to all of you for being here (claps), so give yourself another
round of applause. (audience claps)
Trusting in us, all of the hard work, just for being here, and I also want to think Annie, I want to thank Tim, I want to thank Shannon, I want to think Cal and Marie Banyan, for putting a lot of
this program together, creating this and supporting us. I want to think my mentor, Angela Lauria, for a lot of the support
that she’s come up with, for me, in helping me create
some of these experiences, and just my family, I
want to thank my family, for supporting me being here, as well. And I think we have one last
thing that we’re doing here. Looks like something
else might be happening. I can’t quite tell what it is. – [Man] We have something
unexpected for you. – Something unexpected, okay. – So we just go, on trail.
– Okay, got the stuff. – Oh, my gosh.
– We all signed this. – This is beautiful.
– Thank you. And you had told us a
story about your name, and being connected to
an old time hypnotist, that you had somebody ask if you were, so we decided– – Oh, my gosh!
(audience laughs) Oh, my, this is fantastic. And you put it in front
of the hypnosis word, too. Oh, my gosh. This is gorgeous, check this out. – [Man] This is so thoughtful. – Who did this? Who put it all apiece? – This was a group effort, and a special friend also helped, that does not want to be named. – Who helped with the lightening bolts? – But I guess you can guess.
– But I know you guys are really powerful.
(laughing) Is this a real photo.
– This is the real deal. – Thank you.
– You are so welcome. – Thank you, everyone.
– Thank you. – This is so thoughtful. This is going up on my wall,
immediately. (laughing) And I will have the pleasure of looking at it every single day. Thank you guys for setting
a new bar for our classes. I don’t know what our March
classes, or our May classes, and our July classes
are planning right now, but they might, I don’t know,
they might feel like they got to use the same thing.
– [Man] Knock it off. – We also wanted to get
you some living plants, so that you can watch them grow, just as your students are going
to grow after leaving today. (audience laughs)
– Oh, they’re beautiful. Aw, Pam, you guys are really
going above and beyond. Thank you so much. This is gorgeous.
– Oh, and thank you. – So we’ve got, what kind of plant? Is this an orchid?
– It’s an orchid, and this is a Lady Finger fern. I have no idea what
this one is, that’s ivy. – And you picked my favorite color. – I know, I made them change the color.
– Did you do that on purpose? – I did.
(audience laughs) – Oh, my gosh, you’re
killing me, you guys. We’re going to do a toast.
– [Woman] I know it. – Come on up, students, let’s do a toast. – [Man] Thank you, right here. – [Woman] Hopefully it’s a wide frame. – Alright, very good. – Come on in, everyone. (laughing)
I’d like to propose a toast. I want to propose a toast
to two people, really. I want to propose a toast to all of you, and I want to propose a toast to all the people that
you’re going to help. (everyone groans affirmatively) – [In Unison] Cheers. (man howls) – Anybody else want to give a toast?
– Yeah, that’s good. (laughs) – This is probably zero percent alcohol right there.
– Anybody else want to give a toast?
– I think that was a beautiful poem.
– That was really good. – Yes, thank you, God. – Alright, well thank you, everyone live, from Cascade Hypnosis.
– Thank you. (everyone cheers)
Bellingham, Washington. We love you, and we’ll see you next time. – To the future.
– Hopefully. (laughing)

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