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Acupuncture During Pregnancy

Acupuncture During Pregnancy

Hi my name’s Lorne Brown I’m really
passionate about health and helping healing in our community I’m a Doctor of Traditional Chinese
Medicine and founder of Acubalance Wellness Centre women often seek out acupuncture in pregnancy for two main reasons: one is they want to have a healthy baby,
and so by increasing the health of their pregnancy, we are impacting the health of their baby as well as they may have unwanted
symptoms during pregnancy that are looking for relief for example morning sickness, acupuncture’s
been shown to help reduce morning sickness back pain and neck pain or headaches
during pregnancy if the babies breach that means it’s in
the wrong position it’s not head down and also to help facilitate an easy
vaginal birth so using things like cervical ripening, what we call pre birth
acupuncture which starts at 37 weeks, can help
facilitate women throughout their labor so at 37 weeks you go weekly 37, 38, 39 right up to forty weeks, and what the
acupuncture is doing is helping soften dilate and open the cervix as well as getting the baby into good
anterior position and all this helps facilitate an efficient,
smooth labour for the woman, to find out more about acupuncture and a practitioner of
acupuncture check out tujawellness.com

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