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AKO NA TO? Samo naprávanie ramena…

AKO NA TO? Samo naprávanie ramena…

Dear friends, welcome to today’s video. Let me show you how I correct my shoulder joint. I had big problems with my shoulder, with my left shoulder. I had an injury and it was operated several times. There were damaged structures of the shoulder and luxation of the clavicle. My shoulder fell out and I had very painful states in the past. But I learned to correct my shoulder so, that it didn’t hurt and was moving. I have enough strength in it, it is a little bit numb but otherwise it’s pretty cool. So in today’s video I’ll show you how to do it. The shoulder falls out very similarly to the hip joint, and it is also corrected similarly. This means that it is set in the scapula and clavicle like this. It’s a very fundamentally cooperating system. This way it is fitted and when it falls out, it falls out to the outside like this. Mostly this way to the outside and mostly this way forward. But sometimes also contrariwise. So let me show you how I correct it. I correct it with my finger like that. Similarly, as the hip joint. I turn my hand. Here I put my bent finger. And that’s how I put it in place. That’s one technique I use. Then it is very good to use the ball in such a way that I lie down. I lie on the ball. I lean against the head of the shoulder joint. My hand is like this. And I put myself on the ball and by a slightly swaying movement I put my shoulder in place. If I happen to succeed or anyone would succeed to push the shoulder backwards, so it is corrected by lying contrariwise on the ball. That is, I lie on my back. I’ll put a ball under my shoulder and correcting it what I could have gone wrong a little while ago. The hand is relaxed, the weight of the body goes to the shoulder and I push the ball towards my shoulder and I’ll correct it back forwards now. I used to put it backwards and inside and now I correct it in the opposite direction. The place where I push the ball is here. I’m pushing my shoulder joint. That means here. Here I feel the shoulder joint. That is, the ball and pressure are directed exactly into the joint and I try to put it in place. The pressure can be directed from the bottom to push the shoulder inward also from this side. I often need to turn my shoulder back because I have my whole arm rotated like this, for some reason. Especially this arm after surgery. I’m doing this by grabbing my hand like that. I turn it. It has already snapped in it. After multiple operations, my shoulder joint is relaxed. So I turn my arm and make it like that, so I can still swap it and turn it in the shoulder joint. If I pushed my shoulder too far inside or I need it to pull it out, so I can do it myself by putting a folded towel for example on a railing. I’ll put myself on it. I grab my hand and push the shoulder back out by lock. When I need to push the shoulder in, towards the joint when the articulated distance is increased. So I can do this by lying down on my belly like this. I’ll shake my hand in the elbow, lie down on it, release it. And with this relaxed hand, I push my shoulder into the scapula with such a movement. So that’s probably all about the shoulder. I hope it is understandable to everyone looking at it. Thank you for your attention.

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