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Amanda Kaufman, MD – Video Profile

Amanda Kaufman, MD – Video Profile

– My patient care philosophy
surrounds holistic practices. That means that you see the
patient as a whole person, both mind, body, and spirit. It’s important in healing the body to get other things out of the way. So, for example, I encourage people to be sure they’re getting
adequate sleep, good nutrition, trying to relieve stress,
make sure they’re exercising, and in an ideal world,
make sure they feel love. In Chinese medicine, if
you have those five things, a lot of other things fall into place. So, where some of those
can be the hardest things for people to do, they
make the biggest impact. There are some of my
patients that really want me to make decisions for
them, and there’s plenty of others where we are an equal,
collaborative relationship. And it’s very easy to see where they are in our first meeting. Sometimes that changes over
time, but in whatever way I can be what that person needs is ideal. My preference is to be in a
collaborative relationship, to offer up ideas, and for us to come to their goals together.

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