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Benefits of Music therapy and Acupuncture in Cerebral Palsy

Benefits of Music therapy and Acupuncture in Cerebral Palsy

The therapeutic effects that music therapy and acupuncture have often been used to promote mental and emotional health; nevertheless, they are now being seriously studied to see how they may also improve physical health conditions. Each one on their own are potent aids, yet in this study of which I´m going to explain to you, it has been shown that through combining them together,
their effects are enhanced. Did you know that cerebral refers to the brain and palsy to the weakness of muscle control? This means that cerebral palsy is not a disease; as mistakenly thought, but a chronic disorder that affects the motor skills, muscle tone and movement. The use of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of cerebral palsy is well known, and many studies have been done on its effectiveness. One of these studies has been done on combining acupuncture with music therapy to evaluate the affects they have on improving basic, but fundamental, everyday movements such as such as to crawl, to kneel, to stand and walk in children and adults who have cerebral palsy. Let me explain exactly how this was done; sixty children with cerebral palsy were
randomly divided into two groups. One of the groups received straightforward acupuncture, and the other was given both music therapy and acupuncture together in 5 groups of points. It was decided that these children would receive these treatments every other day for the duration of 36 treatment sessions. Once the patients had received all the treatments,
the improvements of both groups were scored on a chart and the researchers compared
the differences between the two groups. It was seen that both groups had improved their comprehensive functions. However, a significant improvement in kneeling, standing and walking was noted in the group who received acupuncture together with music therapy. This research has shown that music therapy gives an added edge to acupuncture, resulting in superior therapeutic effects on cerebral palsy.

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