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Benefits of Tourmaline – Negative Ions

Benefits of Tourmaline – Negative Ions

Now let’s talk about tourmaline. Tourmaline is an amazing mineral because when
it’s heated, it gives off plentiful negative ions. Negative ions are natural-charged particles
in the air that occur in nature. For example, if you’re near a waterfall, or
the ocean’s surf crashing on the beach, perhaps upon a mountain top when the air smells so
fresh and clean and you just want to breathe it in deeply and you feel energized and charged. That’s because of the plentiful negative ions in the air. Having the tourmaline discs in your Jade Vitality
mat has a synergistic effect with the Jade. We know this because we tested. We started out with just jade mats and found
out that we weren’t getting the results we wanted when we measure with AcuGraph to see
how the meridians were affected. But when we added the tourmaline discs and
the power of the negative ions to the mix, we saw a completely different outcome for
the patients. So the synergy between the far infrared coming
from the jade and the negative ions coming from the tourmaline gives your patient a healthy oasis
not only of warmth but of clean, clear air to breath. Breathing the negative ions in helps mood. Studies have shown that it fights depression
and anxiety and it gives an overall energetic feel to the patient. They’ll be completely invigorated and feel
like a whole new person when they’ve had your treatment combined with the Jade Vitality mat. Thanks for watching. Make sure to check out our other videos to
find out more about all the great features of Jade Vitality.

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