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Best fertility apps for 2019

Best fertility apps for 2019

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  • Question: Due to work Im not able to go to bed at the same time. Sometimes I go at 10pm sometimes at 430am. Am i still able to chart temperature?

  • Thanks for the video! Have you ever used the premom app? It comes with the Easy @ Home OPK test strips. I am currently using it and would love to know your thoughts!

  • I wonder why so many people use Glow or Ovia. I have tried them both but my personal favourite is Flo. And to my knowledge not that much people use or recommend it 🙁 Why?? Because it is so beautiful and easy to use. Also, I have to say I'm not really into charting (I'm not that obsessed I guess 😛 ), I prefer checking my cervical mucus (eww for some 😀 ) and not bother with BBT or OPK-s.

  • I’ve been dipping my toe into charting and I use both ovia and Kindara. Both are simple, I like Kindara’s chart better tho, easier to read. I’m trying to avoid pregnancy because I just had a baby 🙂 and I don’t believe in paying for apps haha

  • I use OvaGraph (TCOYF book) combined with Ovia. It's an old app and design wise it shows, buts it's free and it helps with chart interpretation. It does not predict fertile window – I use Ovia for that with just a basic info filled out (after a year of TTC) with Ovia I learned that filling out only temperature and CM is sufficient to get accurate prediction! I don't use Ovia exclusively because I really do not like their temp chart – not easy to interpret and virtually not possible to compare previous charts. It also holds only 4 last charts in memory (older are removed without warning). So I would definitely not recommend Ovia as the only app for that reason (even though it is really cute, predicts fertile window, and easy to navigate!!).

  • I’m using Femometer and Ovia, have used Fertility Friend. I like Femometer over Ovia and just behind on inputting data in FF. I like Fertility Friend a lot for the chart

  • Hi! Thank you for this!! Is anyone else using this apps? are they useful?? I'm still trying to realize my dream to become a mom. I'll meet with my doctor on end of January. After many researches, I discovered that clinics in Mexico are creating miracles. I contacted some clinics through www.ivfinmexico.com. I'm hopeful that 2019 will be the biggest year for me!

  • Hello! Thank you for all your amazing work! It's so useful. I am definitely not looking into getting pregnant and want to start charting my cycle/ using an app which I will be able to use as a form of contraception. I really don't sit well with hormonal contraception or coil etc. For many different reasons. I know you stated Natural Cycles is ideal for this, however I quite like the sound of Kindara as well as the fact that I would be tracking my cervical mucus and other options if interested. I like the idea of knowing my cycle more intimately, however still with the focus on using the app as a form of contraception. Would you recommend still Kindara or should I rather opt for Natural Cycles? Many thanks 🙏😊

  • Hello
    I love your channel, your videos are so informative. What tips do you have on getting pregnant with a tilted uterus? Any advice? Unfortunately, there aren’t many videos on this topic 🙁

  • I didn’t know your from Holland. I am so happy. Wanna come to your clinic for your advice. I love your approach. You make us feel like its okay eventhough we feel we are not okay. ❤️❤️❤️ thank you 🙏🏽. I’m from North of Holland.

  • Hi.. just want to ask u.. can I take Blackmores Pregnancy and breastfeeding capsule when I trying to conceive.. Itz going to b 6 years but we still dun have baby… all test are done and we both are OK.. but on 2014…I got ovarian cysts n all ready go through surgery.. Now when scan everything is fine.. can u advice me on this.. Really like your videos👍

  • Hi. I usually get up around 4.30am. I just started charting from this cycle . But at times I get up before that time . If that is the case should I chart as and when I am out of sleep or just wait for my time in bed and then chart ?

  • Hi,i really want to get pregnant,i don't really have much time with my hubby cos his not in the same country with me and we have been married for a year now,his planning to come back in 3 to 4 months time…we went for some test and i was told that progesterone is low so what show i do and what should i be expecting cos i really want to get pregnant,and his sperm count is low and his on his medication…i want to see and believe there is nothing much to do,i want to have my baby real soon…pls i need your reply

  • I love Natural Cycles! I use it as birth control and look forward to being able to use it for getting pregnant in the next few years!

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  • Can anyone tell me the name of the app??? And please guide me which app is best for period tracking???

  • Hi guys! There's a new app coming out, called Read your Body, it considered features highly requested from FAM users. Check out what it offers here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/read-your-body-menstrual-cycle-charting-app–2#/comments

  • After my spouse and I decided on having one more child, I acquired the “Gοfαt Fanvuko” (Goοgle it). kindly visit Goοgle to learn reason this plan is improving many lives. I found out I was going to expect a baby after 3 months of healthy eating diet and also following the program. Although the chances of getting pregnant is less at my old age, this plan were still able to assist me achieve it and make my life a lot better..

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