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Boost Activity Of Immune Cells With Acupuncture.

Boost Activity Of Immune Cells With Acupuncture.

Boost Activity Of Immune Cells With Acupuncture. JeaKen Present. How Acupuncture Can Boost Activity Of Immune
Cells. But before we get started, subscribe to our
channel, click the bell icon to be notified whenever we publish a new video. We rely on our immune system for many things. It is the immune system that fights against
viruses, bacteria, and fungi and it is the immune system that sets up sites of inflammation
in places in the body such as when patients have rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory
bowel disease. The immune system protects us every second
of the day from the plethora of germs in the air and in the things we touch. There are few western therapies that can boost
the activity of immune cells within the body. This is why many practitioners of traditional
Chinese medicine have begun to look at the effectiveness of alternative therapies like
acupuncture to maximize the function of the immune system. The Effectiveness Of Acupuncture On The Immune
System. There have been at least seven studies on
humans that have been performed to see the effect of acupuncture on the immune system
of patients suffering from cancer. These research studies were all performed
in China with five of the studies reported in English and the others in Chinese. Four of the studies were randomized controlled
studies, which meant that there was a control group to compare with the group that got acupuncture. Two of the studies were simply case reports
showing that acupuncture had a positive effect on the individual’s immune system. The first study was published in The Journal
of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It was a randomized and controlled study showing
that acupuncture therapy improved the subjects’ platelet counts and stopped the typical decline
in leukocytes that is seen after a person has chemotherapy or radiation therapy when
compared to a group of participants who did not receive acupuncture therapy. A second study was published out of The Journal
of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This study took 40 cancer patients who had
just had surgery. Half of the patients received acupuncture
on a daily basis, while the other has received no special treatment. After just three days of acupuncture, the
function of the leukocytes was increase in the acupuncture-treated group when compared
to the function of the leucocytes before surgery. This was not seen in the control population. A third study was published in a Chinese journal. It showed that acupuncture enhanced the activity
of the body’s natural killer cells in patients who were suffering from cancerous tumors. The patients had either acupuncture treatment
for a half hour every day for ten days, while a control group had no acupuncture therapy. The activity of the natural killer cells and
the level of interleukin-2 were increased in those patients who got acupuncture therapy
when compared to those who received no therapy. A fourth study was published in a Chinese
medical journal. It looked at the effectiveness of acupuncture
treatments on the T lymphocytes of the body as well as the level of endorphins in the
blood of participants who had cancerous tumors. The research showed that acupuncture increased
the number of T lymphocytes and increased the number of endorphins in the bloodstream. A nonrandomized research study, published
in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, looked at the effectiveness of microwave acupuncture
on the immune function of patients with cancer. Microwave acupuncture is a new technique in
which needles are inserted and microwave radiation is applied to the needles in order to heat
them up. This study showed that there was a large increase
in the white blood cell count among patients who received microwave therapy but the change
wasn’t much different from that seen in patients who just took drug therapy. Another research study was published in The
Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It took 28 patients stricken with cancer and
treated them with electro-acupuncture therapy at the same time they were undergoing chemotherapy
for their cancer. There were no decreases in the levels of T
cells or in the natural killer cell activity in these patients. These are usually suppressed when a patient
undergoes chemotherapy. A related study, published in The Journal
of Traditional Chinese Medicine, researchers found no decrease in immune functioning in
patients who underwent chemotherapy for the treatment of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, colon cancer,
and breast cancer. Still another study was published in the Journal
of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It looked at 48 patients who were suffering
from low white blood cell counts, including two patients suffering from cancer who received
ordinary acupuncture. These patients showed an elevation in their
white blood cell count, their immunoglobulin levels, and in their intracutaneous phytohemagglutinin
(PHA) levels after receiving a total of fourteen acupuncture treatments given daily. This was compared to the levels of these things
prior to being treated for their low blood cell count. Overall, it appears from the studies that
acupuncture can; in fact, boost the immune cell activity, particularly among patients
being treated for cancer who have naturally low white blood cell counts after their chemotherapy
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