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Boost your chances of getting into medicine

Boost your chances of getting into medicine

So you want to study medicine at Monash? Did you know that if you’ve
spent five consecutive years or a total of 10 years living outside a major Australian city, then your chances of getting
into the course may be boosted via a special rural entry scheme. That’s almost anywhere
outside a major metro city. Even places like Hobart, Darwin,
and Ballarat are eligible. If that sounds like you,
then we want to hear from you and potentially interview you. Your ATAR and UCAT score are important, but the interview is just as important because we’re looking for
more than perfect marks. We’re looking for people with different experiences,
different outlooks. The scheme is called the Dean’s Rural List and it’s designed for people like you, people with a background
outside a big city. If you’re interested in applying, there are a couple of
things you need to do. First, make sure you get your
VTAC application in on time. Then we’ll email you an invitation to apply for the Dean’s
Rural List at Monash. You have about three weeks, so make sure you get onto
it as soon as you see it. Then if you meet the
requirements with your marks, we’ll ask you to come in for
an interview in early January. Based on this interview
and your academic results, you could be receiving an offer to study medicine at
Monash by mid-January. So to register your interest, fill out the details on this page.

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