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Breast Cancer Awareness Month | How Breast Cancer Affects Fertility with Dr. Julian Escobar

Breast Cancer Awareness Month | How Breast Cancer Affects Fertility with Dr. Julian Escobar

hi I’m Nina with Conceived Fertility Center and I
have dr. Escobar here with me. As we all know it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Dr. Escobar is just going to talk to you and give you some information
about what you can do during your fertility journey while having breast
cancer. Hello everyone, yeah this is October
like to kick it off with a very an important topic which is breast cancer.
About 1 in 6 women are going to confront breast cancer in their lifetime. The good
thing is that most women will be much older so fertility will be out of their…
out of the question in their lives, but a few women do get affected very early on
especially women that have a family history of breast cancer. So, if you’re
one of them either you’ve been affected with breast cancer or you have a high
incidence of breast or ovarian cancer in your family. Then you may want to consider
fertility treatments to preserve your fertility and so options are gonna start
with diagnosing. So if you haven’t been diagnosed but you’re a high risk
you want to consult with your ob/gyn and your PCP. Perhaps get a mammogram
sometimes they so live with MRIs and sonograms. If they are concerned about Ovarian cancer they may follow that also with some against and some blood draws.
Nowadays also there is genetics that can be done on the affected person in your
family but also if you cannot test them on yourself, some screening panels. So if
with any of that information, you’re diagnosed with breast cancer or you’re
at higher risk of having brain ovarian cancer and you could choose to preserve
your fertility and you can take different routes one you can freeze your
eggs to be fertilized in the future. But if you have a partner you could also
make embryos. Then you may be your decision whether you want to carry now
or is this is not a good time in your life for social reasons or medical
reasons if you’re being treated for breast or any cancer you can freeze them
and and then transfer those in the future to yourself.
But even an option would be to transfer them into decisional surrogate if for example
it was advised that you could carry yourself. There are multiple options for
women these days. Just be smart, get tested, get informed,
and if you have any questions we’re here to help.
take care!

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