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Can Hypnosis Make Pregnancy and Labor Less Stressful?

Can Hypnosis Make Pregnancy and Labor Less Stressful?

For many moms about to deliver their little bundle of joy keeping things natural can be a big priority. So what if I told you can hypnotize the pain and anxiety of labor away. Would you consider it? Joining us now is hypnotherapist and author of “Close Your Eyes, Get Free”, Grace Smith. So Grace I have to ask you. We’ve talked a lot about hypnotherapy on our show for various things. We haven’t talked about it for new moms preparing for birth. Tell us a little about it. Sure it’s all about relaxing. So we have been inundated with movies and TV shows and even horror stories from our moms and aunts and sisters about how painful it is, how scary it is. And that becomes our base line expectation of what’s going to happen in birth, and it doesn’t have to be that way. So with hypnosis for childbirth what we’re doing is preparing the mind for the opportunity of a different story. A more relaxed story, a place where we’re in control and empowered. Okay and you actually delivered a baby. Did you use this technique during your labor and delivery process? Absolutely I thought I was gonna have a 10 minute delivery with no pain because I teach this. So I was excited, I had no fear, right exactly. 40 hours later I ended up with a Cesarean, an emergency C-section. So sometimes medical intervention is going to happen. And when it does we’re so grateful. And my doctors were amazing but they are so adept and that my baby and I are safe. So in my case because we needed medical intervention and because it was a difficult birth I got to feel amazing for nine months. When you use hypnosis for child birth you feel calm, relaxed, and happy the whole pregnancy. So even though the delivery can take a few hours up to a few days, you’re also feeling that wonderful empowered, relaxed, confident sensation throughout the whole pregnancy. And I like highlighting the element of hypnotherapy side by side when conventional medicine is needed. A lot of times it’s one against the other and I think really they should compliment one another. I really like that. I do too, so I’ve seen some patients try this and honestly sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I think a lot of it depends on mom’s mindset and her level of determination. But I do think it’s an excellent option and I think when someone wants to try it the provider should be supportive and they should allow them to do it because when you are anxious or in pain during labor then your muscles do tense up. And anything you can use to relax yourself will relax all of your muscles including your pelvic muscles facilitating delivery. But you brought up a very important point. At the end of the day what we want is a healthy mom and a healthy baby. So be amendable to deviating from your plan if needed. 100%

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