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Car accident victim gets her life back through chiropractic

Car accident victim gets her life back through chiropractic

Hi, I’m Barbie K. Edgeworth and I’m a
patient at Palmer Clinics. My situation was I was in a car accident September 1st, 2012
and every day all day long I was in pain. Trying to do hair as a living is very difficult.
I wasn’t working out any more and still trying to take care of two of my children.
So when I came to Palmer Clinic I was so amazed with the adjustment and the relief that I
got instantly, I mean I hadn’t even left the building. Relief from the front of my
neck and the back of my neck so the fact that Palmer Clinic could do this for me was incredibly
amazing. I left in tears I was so grateful. I mean I absolutely cannot even believe it.
I’m back to doing hair where I can get through a whole day of doing hair without pain. I
can do 10 minutes of shadow boxing a day. Anybody in any amount of pain, your life has
been altered for whatever reason, you really need to come here because Palmer Clinic has
given my life back. I cannot say enough about Palmer.

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