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CARE Fertility – Alison Campbell and Simon Fishel discussing CAREmaps using the Embryoscope

CAREmaps is our CARE approach to
understanding time-lapse imaging as it applies to the clinical practice of IVF. Maps in itself stands for Morpho kinetic algorithms to predict success. We use
computer algorithms that allow us to predict a moment in time that the embryo
is undergoing it’s cell division and allows us to understand what it should
be doing in a moment of time. We’ve been pioneering this technology now for
many years and we’ve recently analyzed over 24,000 cycles and we’ve shown that
using CAREmaps we can give an uplift in the chance of a live birth of 20% or
even higher depending on particular cases. Time-lapse monitoring effectively is a
process where we take photographs and seven focal planes through each embryo
every ten minutes so it’s non-invasive but what we’re doing is collecting a
time-lapse movie. So traditionally with IVF a patient may be lucky to go home
with a still photograph of their embryo. Now they can go home after their embryo
transfer and download a link so they can watch the journey of their embryo from
fertilization right through to the point of embryo transfer and the role of the
embryologist is to look after their very important embryos and in the incubators
and in the time-lapse devices and to communicate what’s going on to the
patients on a daily basis. So with CAREmaps we can give our patients far more
information than we’ve ever been able to do before. So the main goal for CARE
Fertility is very simple. It is to achieve the highest possible success
that patients can have in IVF practice through our CARE Fertility clinics and
to do that by helping and supporting them every step of the way. you

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