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Chinese Medicine for Fertility

Chinese Medicine for Fertility

I am Denise Noyer-Erez and I’m also known as The Fertility Godmother and today we are going to talk about Chinese medicine so
stay tuned because we have a lot of fun stuff to talk about today thanks for helping me out here okay so I
had a question during the summit that we just put on which was so awesome
and they were asking me a little bit more information specifically about
Chinese medicine so I thought today that was a great question and today’s tea
would be a great place to start and share a little bit of information about
Chinese medicine and how it can help you get pregnant so first let me just start
by sharing that Chinese medicine is it’s a holistic medicine and it looks at the
body completely different than Western medicine so one of the things that are
is very different is of course we treat the person we treat you and we don’t
treat a disease and we also look at the pattern so I believe that your body it
tells you everything that you need to know and I believe that your body is
worth knowing and worth knowing well so all the signs and symptoms of your body
if there’s something going off it’s giving you a message that things aren’t
right and that it’s time to take a look and correct it so that’s what in a kind
of a nutshell what Chinese medicine does so it looks at your digestive system it
looks at your circulatory system it looks at your menstrual cycles really
deeply it looks at if you have any pain we want to know like where the pain is
located we ask some really personal questions and really in-depth and deep
questions and we take all that information and we look at the different
patterns that it represents and then we’re able to make Chinese medical
diagnosis and then we work on correcting those patterns so you will see signs and
symptoms correcting and if you’re working with somebody you need to make
sure that you are getting those things checked off making sure that your body
is moving in the right direction as far as your sorries for example if you’re
having really bad menstrual pain and heavy bleeding then you want to make
sure that the pain is lessening and your the
bleeding isn’t as heavy I mean after so it’s really it’s really
important that you’re getting you’re having some measurable results so the
tools are a little bit different in how we measure but it’s really important
that you get measurable results so just be mindful of that and and so you know
it’s not like a miracle like fast boom and Western medicine isn’t either right
I mean how many times have you tried something with Western medicine and not
had any good reaction to it any or the reaction that you were hoping to get
from it so the way Chinese medicine works is it works with healing your body
so it’s a little bit slower because it’s working with working with your body
although sometimes it’s amazing and it affects really fast ‘full so for example
stress whether you’ve had acupuncture one time or a thousand times every time
you have acupuncture it reduces stress so much which is really a big piece of
your healing of your own healing making sure that your brain and your nervous
system can calm down so that your body can take care of itself and do what it
needs to do so bringing this back around to helping you get pregnant cuz there’s
so many different there’s so much we can talk about for Chinese medicine but
specifically it’s in helping you try to get pregnant again so we’re gonna be
looking at your body and we’re gonna be looking at the different patterns and so
we’ll just real quickly if you have like say for example a diagnosis of
endometriosis we a lot of the doctors are going to be treating the disease and
you’ll have the same medication for the exact same condition when I look at your
body and I look at your signs and symptoms I’m going to be looking at okay
what kind of patterns do you have so we could see five women with endometriosis
and treat them all differently so that’s kind of a little bit just a little bit
more depth I thought that was important to share with you so when it comes to
fertility again we’re gonna be looking at everything the holistic point we’re
gonna be looking at you from an emotional point of view from a physical
point of view from a health point of view right so
it’s so important to have your mindset in alignment may have your physical body
being really healthy having a lot of energy and and creating creating a
holistic health pattern so that you’re healthy right that’s optimal health so
eating as you probably seen me talk about a lot because that’s something
that you’re in control of eating and the foods that you eat are really important
and so we look at things like deficient if you’re deficient then we need to
build you up if you have too much of something then we have to kind of you
know get rid of all that excess we actually call it excess or if you feel
too hot say for example say for example you’re feeling like if you’re getting
hot flashes then we want to help relieve that heat and nourish you know the
fluids back because you’re sweating right you’re losing a lot of fluids so
that would be a for example something that we would do we had a patient not a
patient I’m sorry we had a woman write in and she said how can you improve
progesterone and HCG so that I love that question so I usually do that with herbs
and moxibustion so again it’s different remember this medicine Chinese medicine
was developed thousands of years ago and it’s been amazing because we know that
it works we have a lot of scientific research that show that it works and we
also you know something that hasn’t worked would disappear by now right so
but also you know I’ve been doing this for 17 years and it’s just it works so
amazing so if somebody has a low progesterone and they’re feeling that
they’re going to lose the baby then we don’t work with your body like to give
you medicine like progesterone how we work with your body is we work with your
body to to fix that imbalance so that your body can support and create its own
progesterone so your body can support the pregnancy
and which was the nourish and nervous the if you’re pregnant so yes they’re
also for HCG and nourish the the baby so that’s how we approach that’s how we
approach it and is usually with herbs and acupuncture and some moxibustion
which is a burning herb that we burn it on different parts of your body
specifically for fertility which is just really remarkable the moxibustion so
that’s one way to do it so Lee’s Chinese herbs so the way I do Chinese herbs is I
really like to do individualized herbs but there’s pills you can take and
there’s liquids you can take on those powders you can make teas with so
there’s a bunch of different ways to go about doing it but they’re individual if
they’re there’s a lot of they called patent so there are already pre-made
formulas that have been used for specific areas but the way Chinese
medicine does herbs is it’s not just taking one herb it’s really creating a
whole formula that’s gonna target a specific pattern that you are that you
have so the beauty of having individualized herbs that are prescribed
specifically for you is you can target your specifically your body specifically
what’s going on with it so again as we talked about earlier it can be so many
different we can have so many different symptoms that have a similar a same
diagnosis and one thing that is really important for you to to know is that
Chinese medicine and Western medicine complement each other so beautifully so
I love working with Western medical doctors because we’re able to get a
really clear Western medical diagnosis so we know how we need to proceed from
RN and we would just work complementary with each other’s and so they’re able to
do what they need to do on their end if there needs to be further along
treatment and then I am able to support the body by you know making sure that
getting it strong healthy and helping balance it out and nourishing the body
so that if you do need more more of a procedure say for like this example IVF
and you’ll you’ll be ready right you’re gonna be ready for that because you
prepared it your body and your body is ready so for example equality you took
the time to nourish it you took the supplements you’re eating properly
you’re getting your head in there in the right place because it can be so
stressful and overwhelming so you’re starting to feel better about about your
journey it’s so so important right all these different little pieces this is
not just one magic thing that’s that that would be my biggest thing take away
it’s really a combination of really making sure that all the pieces are
there and that you take the right steps on your journey to getting pregnant and
having a healthy baby so this was oh I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit
about Chinese medicine and I if you have some more questions I’ll do another
episode because there’s really so much information and I could talk a really
long time about this so I can continue this topic in another tea but I wanted
to give you a nice breakdown and an understanding of what exactly Chinese
medicine is and how it works and give you some examples so just a quick recap
to summarize everything up really how Chinese medicine works is it looks at
the powder your each person individually and we treat people not the disease and
so we look at the different patterns that represent in each person in order
to correct them and correct those underlying imbalances that may not have
been discovered from tests that Western medical doctors do and you know I spend
a lot of time with my patients so that I can really make sure that you know we’re
getting we’re able to correct all the underlying conditions and other patterns
that may be going on so if you would like to connect and you got some aha’s
then go ahead and type in the word connect below and
we can set up a free consultation to find out if Chinese medicine can help
you so you can type in the word kynect and we’d love to connect with you here’s
to your health happiness and fertility

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