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Chiropractic Adjustment Information : At Home After Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic Adjustment Information : At Home After Chiropractic Adjustments

So after the adjustment process has all happened
and we’ve gone over what to expect and additional things to do in the office and at home, typically
as chiropractors we also like to make recommendations just for additional things that can kind of
help the whole healing process. So for certain patients we might discuss supplements or nutrition.
And, again as I mentioned before, you know that’s unique into each and every individual.
So for some people it might be that they need to get a multi to help with muscle tone. Some
people might need additional things to help with certain other processes. Particularly
beyond that for everybody they can always use some kind of a stretching, or exercise,
or some kind of protocol like that. And so for people that are dealing with a lot of
neck and upper back or middle back tensions, or stresses, or pain, we would like to make
the recommendation that when they’re in their daily routine, whether it’s an office job
or out on some location whatever their case may be, that for their neck, basically, the
range of motions that we talked about before they need to just periodically go through
those things. Not to some arduous degree but just to get that neck moving into all the
different degrees so that it stays fluid and it stays loose. So, basically, it’s as easy
as just asking them to tuck their chin down, looking up towards their ceiling, going back
to neutral and looking over each and every shoulder, and then bringing either ears, or
one ear to each shoulder, respectively. And it’s as simple as that. And just periodically
throughout the day it takes no more than a couple of seconds here and there. And that’s
just a basic range of motion exercise that they can do. Additionally, for a lot of my
patients I recommend having some kind of a stretch towel. And it’s just a regular towel
that I guess has some kind of elastic fibers in it and allows it to stretch. And so, in
this case, then after they’ve done that range of motion stuff, and if they’re at home, and,
again, if they’re not in some acute phase, if we’re reconditioning the musculature to
get the correction going, there’s different stretches they can do. So one simple one is
actually they’re going to go ahead and place the towel behind their head holding the straps
forward, and they’re going to apply some resistance with their arms and use the head to press
back. And that’s good. They could do the same thing if they twisted it and go side to side
the same way. It’s just resistive stretching also increases the health and the resistance
there on the tendons and the muscles to make them stronger. For the upper back a great
one, actually, if he holds it up here in the upper shoulders, and then what he’s going
to do is he’s actually going to press his shoulders up, press his arms up, squeezing
out as well. And then he holds each of those for about eight to ten seconds, and then he’s
just going to go ahead and relax and bring it down. And then that way he’s going to feel
afterwards some relaxation from a good stretch throughout the upper back as well. So, and
again, there’s varying degrees and types of all these different kinds of stretches. But
just, as an example, just so some people that stretched out do a great job.

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