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Chiropractic Care Services & Treatments : Eyelights Therapy Demonstration

Chiropractic Care Services & Treatments : Eyelights Therapy Demonstration

My name is Steve Minors of Rehab Effects here
in Austin, Texas and today we are going to look at some of the applications of the eye
lights. As I mentioned earlier the eye lights were invented by Dr. Peter Duley up in the
Dallas area in the mid to early 1990’s and one of the things he did was he was with Stanford
University Consulting and he showed how the eye lights can improve an athlete’s ability
to jump and we are going to do that today. So with our patient we are going to put the
markers on her fingers and we’re going to see how high she can jump before using the
eye lights. We are going to place her a little bit closer to the wall and whenever she is
ready she is going to jump as high as she can, marking the wall as high as she can possibly
jump. So we are going to leave that there at that point and now we are going to apply
the eye lights. When you apply the eye lights you have to determine which side of the brain
requires the most assistance. We can use applied kinesiology that was discussed in previous
segments to determine the eye and part of the brain that is weakest by muscle testing.
We are going to test for a strong muscle, excellent and then we check to see which eye
is weakest. It looks like it’s the left one but let’s just check the right to be sure
and good. So we will get the eye lights going on the left side like so. We’re going to go
ahead and put those on her and if you need to you can fix those so they’re a little more
comfortable on you. She’s going to wear these for about a minute and then we are going to
retest her. Our patient has been wearing the eye lights now for about a minute and fifteen
seconds, walking around the room, performing a couple of squats, and now we are going to
test her again. We are going to reapply the marker and we are then going to have her jump
again. Whenever you are ready just jump as high as you can. So we see the first jump
showed the mark right there and then after wearing the eye lights for about a minute
and fifteen seconds and walking around and performing less than three or four squats
she now did that. There was no other muscle or sports type preparation that occurred such
as jumping or stretching, only wearing the eye lights as I mentioned.

11 Replies to “Chiropractic Care Services & Treatments : Eyelights Therapy Demonstration”

  • These seem very interesting, I take it the longer you keep them on the more effective? What else could this assist at beyond jumping.

  • Science in general is "dubious". What was considered to be "fact" one hundred years ago (ie. smoking aids in digestion and therefore should be recommended as therapy) has now been proven as false. Science never really lingers, and scientific "fact" is always changing. That is the beauty of it. Always expanding and always changing.

  • I imagine stretching out the muscles doing those 3 or 4 squats helped her attain the what, 2 cm additional height? That was hardly a conclusive example, taking a random girl and having her hop twice.

  • Or i was pointing out that showing one person jump twice and saying "look it worked" is hardly evidence that the lazer did anything at all. There are variations in jumping heights for any person, noone will be jumping the same height constantly. And when i mentioned muscles, i imagine tendons would have been a better word, but either way squatting does stretch internal mechanisms, as well as warming up an area through movement.

  • RIGHT…Anyway if the muscles shorten or stretch, 2cm lower or higher…if common sense applies you see this example is…hack-off bullshit made up for pulling money out of people!

  • you certainly can fly, all you would need is a little kineseo tape and spinal decrompression and you could sore through the skies like Captain Marvel

  • Wow, two data points… there are at least twenty different ways that this could be tested to determine the if the 'eyelights' are actually effective…

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