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Chiropractic Care Services & Treatments : Sports Nutrition Therapy Demonstration

Chiropractic Care Services & Treatments : Sports Nutrition Therapy Demonstration

Hi, my names is Dr. Steve Minors of Rehab
Effects. And today we’ll be talking about Flex Withdrawal Reflex and Sports Nutrition
and the application of Sports Nutrition in certain injuries such as “sprained ankle”
and affecting the Flex Withdrawal Reflex. In a previous segment called Laser Therapy
we addressed the spinothalamic reticular tract and what the flex withdrawal reflex is and
we’re going to do the same today here using sports nutrition. Here at Rehab Effects we
use the cold laser and the sports nutrition in tandem. But we’re just going to show you
how effective the pharmaceutical grade supplements can be in effecting the flex withdrawal reflex.
Little review. Flex Withdraw Reflex starts in the brain and goes down through the thalamic
reticular tract and ends at approximately the fourth lumbar vertebrae. So for someone
who may have sprained an ankle, let’s say the right ankle that pain is registered in
the spinothalamic reticular tract in the spinal column, goes up to the right side of the brain
and is registered as an injury that occurred down in the foot. So we’re going to go ahead
and determine the flex withdrawal reflex again today and address it using sports nutrition.
So let’s go ahead and perform the straight leg raise and patient relaxes while we do
that. We just want to come to where there is some end range motion. To about there.
We then to the other area to see. And we still have more range of motion on the left side.
So that tells us that we still have a positive flex withdrawal reflex on the right side.
And we’re going to confirm that right now by therapy localizing that area again. And
that’s when the patient can put their hand behind their ear which is the area where the
spinothalamic reticular tract goes, on the right side. And we’re going to check that.
And as we can see, she goes past ninety degrees more than she did just a second ago. So we’re
going to remove her hand and we’re going to use proinflazime. Proinflazime is a natural
anti inflammatory that is excellent for all injuries and any type of inflammation that
my occur. And we’re going to do it sublingualy. So we get our dipstick and we just put a little
bit right on the tongue and she will taste that. And we do it on the tongue as opposed
to swallowing it because there?s is something called lipozoma delivery. When the tongue
registered something such as the proinflazime, it is the fastest way for the nervous system
to detect this. It’s the same as when someone is having a heart attack and nitroglycerin
is administered. It is not swallowed, it is given sublingually. The same pathway applies
here and the same rational applies here. So we’re going to go ahead and check the the
flex withdrawal reflex again. So without her therapy localizing the area and we go fairly
way past ninety degrees here. Which has shown us that we have further addressed a positive
flex withdrawal reflex. We’re minimizing pain as we are improving the recovery time and
the patient becomes more functional sooner. So that they may return to work or to their
sport or to their normal activities of daily living faster.

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  • so he gets rid of the pain from the injury, and that's supposed to be a good thing? If you sprain something then it hurts until the injury is healed, and your body will continue to tell you that it hasn't yet healed through pain, get rid of the pain and there's nothing to stop you from aggravating your injury, sprained ankle needs to be wrapped, iced, and heated, not a drop of anti inflamatory

  • Have to agree and disagree. Inflammatory response is normal and must occur for soft tissue healing but the human body does not act as a fine tuned machine to this cyclical pattern. Inflammatory mediators can indeed inhibit lymphatic removal

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