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Chiropractic Doctoral Degree at D’Youville College

Chiropractic Doctoral Degree at D’Youville College

A student who’s looking into what chiropractic
college they go to will want to consider, are looking for a small class experience? Because if you are, we’re the solution to
that. We enjoy, if you will, the benefits of a small
faculty cohort, in that it allows us to get things done faster. It allows us to really consider what’s important
to the students and each other and to handle things in a way, if you will, that just recognizes
each person as an individual. The versatility that this type of a degree
offers is extremely wide. The typical student who graduates from chiropractic
college first starts out working as an associate in an office with another doctor or joining
another practice for the first or second year. And somewhere between years 3 to 5, they tend
to either open up their own practice or become partners in the ones that they’ve joined. It’s been my experience and my opportunity
that I can call on previous graduates to come back and to talk to students as mentors. Tell them what they can expect when they graduate
and I’ve also talked with other people out in the field where I was able to recommend
recent graduates as people they can see for chiropractic care. For someone contemplating chiropractic college,
come to D’Youville if you’re looking for a small class experience. Come to D’Youville if you’re looking for
your instructors to really get to know you and have the opportunity to tailor the education
to what you need. Come to D’Youville if you’re looking for
an inter collaborative experience that is second to none, nationwide. And come to D’Youville if you like Buffalo. [laughter]

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