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Chiropractic Doesn’t Cure Anything

Chiropractic Doesn’t Cure Anything

Can chiropractors cure anything? That’s
a question I often get. And sometimes it’s sincere and sometimes it’s a little
bit in spite, but it’s the wrong question. Chiropractors can’t cure anything. Nor do
they want to. Chiropractors can’t treat hardly anything. They can treat a spine. They can treat a misalignment according to their scope of practice. And even
though I’m a chiropractor I have gone so far in different.. not away from
chiropractic but in addition to chiropractic that I hardly think of
myself as a chiropractor anymore. I think of myself as a holistic doctor. If… The
answer that I’ve been thinking about, I haven’t used yet, is if someone asks me, “What kind of doctor are you?” I want to answer, “The kind that get people better”
And what’s the thing about… If some people think that because chiropractors
sometimes claim, or sometimes get the reputation… oh we help with this
condition, and this condition, and this condition then it’s like no that can’t
be true. If an orthopedic if a specialist medical doctor can only handle one thing
how can chiropractors or holistic doctors handle all of that stuff? Well it’s a misunderstanding in the very premise of what you’re asking because
chiropractors don’t treat they don’t cure what we do is we support the body.
The body is designed to heal and that’s something that we have forgotten as a
society. That there are so many people not healing anymore that we assume that I
guess it’s not happening, I guess we were wrong the the body isn’t supposed to
heal, is it’s made defective and it breaks. Well what we find is if we
support and help the body by addressing the underlying condition by addressing
the underlying cause and if we can trace it far enough back to the
root cause then we can unleash that healing ability again. So do we can we
treat or cure anything? Absolutely not. We don’t even want to. Can the body heal and
cure anything? Yes. So it’s not that we have this wide variety of treatment it’s
that we handle the crucial factor the thing that is holding the body back. So
that is why we have patients that report to us that they no longer have migraines,
they no longer have back pain, they no longer have tennis elbow, they no longer
have insomnia, they no longer have indigestion,
but it’s not because we treated those things that’s because we help the body
heal it. It’s a shift in understanding and that’s the only way that we can ever
get anything better and the only way that we can ever do anything about the
health crisis that we have. If we stop treating and curing and if we instead
start addressing the cause and helping the body heal. This sounds really really
really simple and people kind of get it on the surface, and yet five minutes
later I hear someone complain about something. They say can you treat this
because it even though it’s a simple concept it takes a lot of time and a lot
of study to really truly get it. Hope this helps. If you have any other
questions please comment or ask us a question we’ll be happy to address any
concern that you have and we’ll be trying to give you some some helpful
answers thank you

11 Replies to “Chiropractic Doesn’t Cure Anything”

  • The message is correct. Unfortunately, the delivery is so dry that people may not stay tuned in to understand the point being made. They will leave with the message that chiropractors don't heal anything. And they will lose the point that chiropractors facilitate and help the body become healthier in order to heal itself.

  • I hope to do videos in the future on nutrition. And I think a lot about the video and audio quality as well as the delivery and content. I am available to share ideas. I'm not an expert. But I am aware f details and performance issues.

  • The way I see it is that chiropractic is a proactive approach to fix subluxation. An approach most people don't take in health. Doctors are in business because they are supplement to the general populations reactive approach. Got a problem, just take this drug or get this surgery. Yes chiropractic alone does that solve the issue. If a man is overweight and is looking for help the first thing anyone has to tell him is to lose weight and get him to change his mindset from reactive to proactive. With this change in mindset you will see people using chiropractic to complement their proactive lifestyle. A lot of major problems come from very simple things like this but aren't addressed up front. People will always look for a way to not spend money on something that will help long term.

  • A proactive lifestyle would consist of:
    1. Good cardiovascular system
    2. Seeing a chiropractor once a month or two
    3. Working out with weights regularly and also incorporating functional and bodyweight exercises
    4. Learning and doing dynamic and static stretches either by online or physical therapist to compliment working out
    5. Understanding Nutrition (macros) and executing based on your goals
    6. Understanding about supplements
    7. Drinking water
    8. Most importantly, having good mental health (yoga, meditation, safe alternatives to removing stress, removing yourself from negative or toxic things or people)
    9. Posture management while sleeping and awake
    10. Proper hygiene

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