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Chiropractic for Athletes {With Dr. Tracie}

Chiropractic for Athletes {With Dr. Tracie}

Hi now I’m Dr. Tracie from Ambiente Gallerie I’m
going to talk about how essential chiropractic care is for athletes or for
athletic performance and this is really all of us because I think we all have we
are all athletes relevant internet asked me that said we should always be
pursuing that in one way or another but have you noticed that every professional
sports team has a chiropractor there’s a very good reason for that
first of all if you are a professional athlete you have a window short window
of your career right that’s what they call NFL stands for not for long
those guys only have so many minutes on the field in their career and they’re
usually you’re managing injuries to some degree our college sports – there’s of
it injuries and many of us have had entries over the years that we want to
take care of because their bodies aren’t quite the same as it used to be in
chiropractic shines when it comes to people getting better faster and back on
the field so that’s one of the main reasons that sports teams have
chiropractors now as far as you and I and performing ultimately your brain
controls every single function of your body right and when you’re banging
yourself around as an athlete we often can hurt ourselves and cause
interference in that process and your chiropractor is going to be the only one
who can remove that interference or treat the subluxation so that you can
perform at your very best there are some really fantastic studies out there about
athletic performance that chiropractors and one that like to share people is
that reaction times of athletes were faster with the athletes that were under
chiropractic care versus the ones that were not now I always think about the
Olympics and what’s the difference between a gold medal and a silver medal
0.05 seconds so to me your reaction time is going to be huge if you’re a
competitive athlete so how quickly you can react strength speed agility they’re
all going to be better when your brand is properly coordinating to the rest of
your body if you have an injury that you need to get over something doesn’t feel
right seeing your chiropractor to help you recover from that injury
faster than anything else so all you athletes out there
go see your chiropractors

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