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Chiropractic HELPS YOUR BRAIN Perceive It’s Environment by The Source Chiropractic

Chiropractic HELPS YOUR BRAIN Perceive It’s Environment by The Source Chiropractic

I’m Dr. Lance von Stade and as a chiropractor it’s my primary purpose to help people get more life per moment how do we experience life? When asked about our senses most people will list these five in black, but they often forget to lift the blue one the sixth sense proprioception… …and not only access that information but store that information so that you can access it anytime that you might need it maybe it’s stepping off a curb maybe it’s walking down a dark hallway if you want to experience this simply put your fingers behind your back while its back that you can’t see it, smell it, taste it, or even touch it, unless you reach with your opposite hand but you know exactly where it is in space you even know that there’s not now two fingers because you can feel that intrinsic feeling of proprioception and that information is very useful when moving but many people don’t recognize how important it is even in the learning process in the book The Brain’s Way of Healing by Norman Doidge he is an expert in synaptogenesis neuroplasticity this is the way that the brain changes itself in response to new information he talks about the fact that our brains evolved with physical movement required to seek out new dynamic environments as we were growing to seek out new food sources as we were evolving and as the learning happened it happened simultaneously with the physical movement so now if you think about in the case of stiffness where we have decreased motion in his book he says… …and the brain atrophies as a response to the lack of stimulation this mechanism is highly rampant in our culture and chiropractic is a great way of offsetting this motion so if you see this stiffness you might ask why on earth would such a brilliant system as capable as proprioception running through the cerebellum to the thalamus and out to the association pathways of sight, smell, taste, and touch if that amazing system is present why on earth would it produce stiffness and if you think about this again from an evolutionary biology perspective originally infection was a major contributor to inflammation and inflammation is not something new we’ve been hearing about this for almost a century it was in the seventies already written in medical textbooks Robbins Pathology, it’s the 2004 cover of Time magazine this is a an issue in our culture and it’s not just because infection was a mechanism back in the day it’s the fact that now that infection is no longer a primary issue in our modern culture there are so many other sources of information it might be toxins in our air, our water, our food it might be the omega-6 to omega-3 pro-inflammatory fatty acid to anti-inflammatory fatty acid ratio being off this is especially true with trans-fats with fried foods, processed food. Emotional stress macro traumas or injuries or mechanical stress in micro traumas so my mentor Dr. Dan Murphy mentioned recently he saw a study that showed that high school students nowadays are in this position 5,000 hours per year you can imagine how that might be contributing to some inflammation and when inflammation is formed in the body as a result of infection or any of these mechanisms it forms what’s called fibrosis you can think of fibrosis as scar tissue in the case of an injury you can think about it as a fibrotic wall or encapsulation that the body produces to wall off an infection so it doesn’t cause more damage or you can think about it as an inflammatory connective tissue adhesion within a joint so when we have fibrosis in the body and it’s even said in Robins Pathology that stiffness in joints is a response from the inflammatory fibrotic cascade when you have that stiffness and like Norman Doidge said “as we become immobile we see less, hear less, smell less, process less new information that increasing stiffness decreases our ability to have proprioceptive input to the brain and as we lose that information we decrease the ability of all of our association pathways how we perceive our environment to not be able to summate as easily so the CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT is a very unique mechanism that comes in and removes or decreases stiffness that you can get proprioceptive feedback back to the brain how it does this is there is something called active range of motion which is that I can take my finger and actively move it to the end range then there’s passive range of motion which means i can take my finger and move it to it passive range of motion the chiropractic adjustment we are specifically trained to go to the passive range of motion and go very quickly and comfortably specifically into the adjustic range of motion or the para physiological space without going to the area where you would have an injury or damage tissue by doing this you stimulate the receptors of proprioception allow the brain to reconnect accurately with where the joints muscle tissues are in the body so now the brain can not only move with more quality as it coordinates movement but it’s also now is running that pathway through the cerebellum where 80% of your brains neurons are, through the thalamus which integrates and relays information and increases the ability for you to perceive your environment when people perceive their environment with more accuracy and clarity they are able to gain more information when they have all the information they can make very accurate strategies to get their needs met and get more life / moment with chiropractic care you can get more life moment that’s why I do what I do as a chiropractor so if you’re not already subscribed or sign up for these videos feel free to click the button share with a friend and in future videos we’ll even start talking about the mechanism of how this proprioception pathway before it enters the cerebellum has an offshoot and can innervate the immune organs and we’ll talk about the neuroimmunology and how chiropractic care can contribute stay tuned for more thank you so much have a great day

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