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Chiropractic identity project — Palmer College of Chiropractic

Chiropractic identity project — Palmer College of Chiropractic

Culture authority is something just
given by the public based on perception and I we can change that perception if
we change our approach in educating the
public as to who we are and what we do There is not one thing that really identifies
us I think if we have an identity that forms us as students in to our profession I think that’ll give us more focus and it will help us get to where we want to go Well I think Palmer had to go on record with this for the sake of our alumni for the sake
of patients out there who are considering chiropractic. For the sake of prospective students if we didn’t define ourselves they would define it for us. They’d define us. What this project is really about is
trying to package and and put together the pieces have the
identity in a way that those outside of the Palmer community understand who we are It is evident that the chiropractic profession to some
degree has lost its professional identity However Palmer College, the fountainhead of chiropractic has always provided a solid foundation from which chiropractic could prosper this project started at the board level
in fact this project is largely the inspiration up Dr. Trevor Ireland and through his leadership and
initiation of this project I think the full community Palmer has benefited I don’t want this important work on
identity to be misconstrued Palmer College is not in mission drift trying to identify what its mission might be or what its
identity is we can proudly say that Palmer College has never lost its way the chiropractic profession is certainly
more complex today than it was years ago the identity documents that we have meet those challenges of today and of
those in the future we just realized that you’re going to
have to seek more collaboration more input from
various groups and we did and it went through a number early phases bouncing it off different focus groups because of all that feedback that we did get We we’re able I think to craft a set of statements that will have wide widespread use a popular and support. To ensure our continued leadership of the profession and to enhance the genetic chiropractic inheritance Palmer College engaged in a unique process of upgrading all of it’s guarding documents including the identities statement,
mission vision, values, practice paradigm and philosophy statement the message and the clarity coming forth
in this new document I think speaks a lot more to the current generation and and individuals that it will impact now. I think these are clear statements that represent and are actually affirmations of what Palmer education stands for The full intent of the Palmer tenets which we have used for years has been carried forward expanded upon but I like the fact that they are affirmative it doesn’t say so much what we won’t do so much is it it affirms what we do If you think about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights our forefathers created those documents
that we continue to add and ammend them That’s kind of how I see these identity documents
is just an amendment to this document that we
originally had The faculty across our three campuses really stepped up and contributed to the early aspects to this document and how
appropriate it is that the voice the early voice of identity for this college begins with the faculty D.D., B.J. and Dr. Dave at they did a lot
for the profession they wouldn’t want us to be stagnant. They would want us to continue To make it even better than what they
had I think as a practice paradigm, the identity statements, all the statements taken together don’t change the way we’ve done things here but they merely express it in a way that meets
the expectations of today’s healthcare consumer If chiropractors are not about spine about
the subluxation then what are we? it has to start with that I think it takes away from being seen
only as back pain, neck pain and headache doctors I think it’s gonna open up a lot of doors for folks to come in with other conditions chiropractic has always been very involved with the health of the whole person so the fact that we are equally
concerned with the well-being of the whole patient I
think resonates very well and if that becomes a commonly known
association with the chiropractor and especially a Palmer
chiropractor we will have I think make inroads in ways we have not in the past Community Health bringing that
health to a community for serving them in and so I that’s what
I really like is is it does give a broad overview of what
we’re trying to accomplish what a complete chiropractor would look
like when they graduate from Palmer one thing that is so important about
this document is we lead by example by taking that initiative and pushing forward you’re helping the whole profession push forward Palmer is The Trusted Leader in Chiropractic Education there’s a reason the Palmer has had such huge impact in the profession in fact I
would challenge you to find any training institution that has had
such an influence on the profession as Palmer has I have great hopes that having a document like this will help collaboration with other health care
providers because at the end the day it’s not about us it’s about the patient that they’re unsure about what exactly
what we do. Or even in our own profession, if we’re unsure about what exactly we do at least we have it here it’s black and white clearly we’re hoping that this generates a larger effort for the profession to have a unified effort on identity. Right now
we’re claiming it for Palmer but in the back of our minds this is an
indirect message thinking this has another dimension of helping
the profession We’ve come up with the document that has the potential to bring us all together. The extremes in
our profession we appeal to the mainstream and within that mainstream we want to also appeal to the scientific and academic community that we can give a message to a legislator an attorney, medical doctor anybody who’s out they could get a feel for what we are about. In the strong tradition of the Palmer family Vickie Palmer provided essential
leadership in guides to this project and we thank her for all that she has done Ever since the founding of chiropractic
by my great-grandfather D.D. Palmer, Palmer College has had the distinct role as leader in this profession I think my father summed it up quite well
with this statement “Palmer is to chiropractic what sterling
is to silver” and we continue that tradition today It is our hope and belief that the action taken today June the eighth 2012 will be the catalyst that propels us into a positive future. future that be just into integration into the mainstream health
care delivery system as equal partners with our identity intact We have something special here at Palmer and we are excited to clearly communicate it to the world the mood

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