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Tongue to your right side. Hold that. Good. To your left side. Good Put your left thumb right there. Hold that. Leave your breath all the way out for me. Good leave your breath out. Good job. Just like that. Good. Bring this arm up. Hold that. There we go. Let this elbow bend. Hold that strong. Good. Hold toward this shoulder. Good. Real straight. Hold toward this hip. Ok. I’ll come back to that in a second. Turn this in and put this right up against your ribs. Hold in strong for me. Good. Do the backstroke way back. That’s pretty natural. You should be a swimmer. When you’re done cycling. That was pretty good. Let’s see this one. Is that related to neck or back? That one’s neck and also has to do with liver stuff. Which might explain why you’re feeling cold. It’s cause the liver is your chemical factor. Right? I’ve been sick for two and half weeks, since Bejing. Yeah. Well, if you are oriented toward some supplements, we’ll get you something that ‘ll help. I took like, remember the last time I was here, remember echinacea, and all that okra stuff, I took that for a while. Good. Good. Take both shoulders down toward your hips. There you go. Leave your arms down. We’re gonna travel this way. Leave your breath out. It’s all good. Crack. Right there. Good job, You know what’s wield. I got these little poison ivy looking dots, almost like blisters on my hand. Aha. It just showed up out of nowhere. Right Have you ever heard of that before? Yes. Something’s irritating the gut, which is skin. See the skin covers the inside, covers the outside. Okay. So we’re eating something that’s irritating the skin inside here. And the skin outside, it shows up. Let me have you reach up toward the ceiling.

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