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Citroen C5 – How to Fix Speedometer Pointer Needle Drop Under 0 Problem , Instrument Cluster Removal

Citroen C5 – How to Fix Speedometer Pointer Needle Drop Under 0 Problem , Instrument Cluster Removal

Problem description: The speedometer pointer / needle drop under 0 when the car is in the rest / locked / sleeping mode, speedometer stepper motor losing steps when the stepper motor not motorized. When the car is working, stepper motor doesn’t losing any steps, the pointer doesn’t twitch and works fine but shows 10 km less because it has already lost it steps and it doesn’t start from 0. returning the pointer to its place does not help, and in a day the pointer falls again. It points to the problem of a stepper motor.

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  • Steering shell needs to be out and down as far as it will go. There are two dimples on the facia, put a credit card under each one push in and the dash pops forward. Turn the dash to the side and there's a clip over the harness port, fold the clip over to unfasten the joint, don't just pull it. Unclip the black clips to remove the front cover. The Speedo needle is held onto the stepper motor with a small rubber tube, this year's up, expands and drops the needle. Pull the needle off and put a small blog of glue in the tube, replace the needle so it points at the 0 mph position. Reassemble and it's done and doesn't look like it's been tampered with. All good.

  • Can this make the Speedo show the wrong speed? Right now I kinda noticed that it says 100 kmh on the cruise control and I am driving with 95 at the speedo. I also confirmed with GPS. 100 kmh on the speedo and 106 on the GPS. I have the correct tire size.

  • He, he, he,….
    Are You sure that the wrong speed indication has been fixed ?
    Why you did not pull out the needle from their axis and install it again in correct position? The error of indication stays the same. You only protected the needle to drop bellow zero while your car in not moving 🙂

  • i also had the same issue….Needle-neck has small crack. put shrinking tube ober needle-neck and put it back….works without Glue 100% check https://dashcamforum.de/wbb/index.php/Thread/8799-Tachonadel-geht-nach-Geschwindigkeit-zu-gering/?postID=33910#post33910

  • Hey hola,se que es un poco tarde pero quería compartirles otra manera para arreglarlo ya que mi papa tiene un c5 hdi 2.0 y tambien nos paso lo mismo ,lo que el hizo es pegar la aguja ya que se suelen partir,y la puso en 0 y la dejo una 24 horas y ya esta,quería compartir mi idea por que talvez si vas a vender el auto
    El que te lo compra lo le gusta q halla un plastico en el tablero
    Eso era jaja

  • With shrinking tube works perfect….no need glue….https://dashcamforum.de/wbb/index.php/Thread/8799-Tachonadel-geht-nach-Geschwindigkeit-zu-gering/

  • I can assure you, this is the solution MAZDA is using in their instrument clusters to keep the needle from falling lower than the low position.
    Our work SUV is a Mazda Tribute and that's how it is. Pretty sure other manufacturers use the same solution.

    Now the glue on the motor axle…….mmm…..good but a bit invasive, you'll need to be carefull with glue running down the axle.
    For me it's a disaster waiting to happen. The stick is a more "relaxed" solution. AND equally future proof.

  • My spedometer and rpm gadge droped for like 10kmh and car works in like 200rpm in idle but it shows 800 on diagnostic. is it the same problem like here becuse they both droped at the same time…

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