Ivan Zamorano

Acupunture Treatment

City Fertility Centre – One Team

>>What I love about working in IVF most is potentially giving people the last thing that money can buy a life>>you feel like you’ve really made a difference in people’s lives>>I went to our 10th birthday celebrations and saw how amazing IVF can be for people and how much hope it can give people>>My kids make me laugh every day and everyone should have that>>I can’t think of a job that has better satisfaction>>I chose CFC because they are a very ethical clinic>>They look after the staff they are very education orientated>>We’re driven by providing the best for our
patients we’re not driven by shareholders profits>>we thought we could
offer a really personalised service where every patient was treated like they were the only patient going through treament>>All employees are given an opportunity
to have a voice and to contribute ideas>>I feel like we are really on the edge of all the new technology that’s happening>>We have mutual respect for each other>>my team and my workmates are very enjoyable they’re very amusing>>I do definitely remember the first baby that I made after she was born and they sent me in pictures and that was amazing>>I think it had to be the 10-year
celebration to see old patients and them with their families existing as a family unit that was very
special>>I’ve got lots of wonderful memories I’ve even developed the preggy dance for the ones that have tried so hard and finally become pregnant>>We want to hear that positive pregnancy
outcome and When it does happen it’s a great
feeling>>This team is great. I mean a wonderful team I think we are the best team in the country by far

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