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City Fertility Ltd: what treatments are offered?

We offer the entire range of investigations
and assisted reproductive technologies here at GENNET City Fertility. Many of the patients
we see do not necessarily have a fertility issue. They come to see us before they start
their fertility journey to make sure that everything is okay. We do carry a reasonable
number of fertility assessments for both for male and female partners. Other patients come
to see us with issues that are simple to treat such as ovulation problems that can be addressed
with treatment using [indistinct[00:00:47.04]] tablets or letrozole tablets and at times
injectable gonadotrophins. Many patients can benefit from a simple treatment called IUI
or intrauterine insemination. This is the treatment of choice at GENNET City Fertility
for single women and for women in same gender relationship. Obviously, we do a fair number
of IVF and I-C-S-I (ICSI) treatment cycles. The latter is the treatment of choice for
men with very low sperm count in which case doing standard IVF will not result in
a good rate of fertilisation. Finally, we offer couples or individuals who have genetic
diseases in the family and who wish to prevent the passing of this genetic condition to their
offsprings, treatment with IVF and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis of that condition so that
only embryos that do not have the conditions are implanted and result in them in the birth
of a healthy child.

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