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Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test Progression | OPK + Fertility

Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test Progression | OPK + Fertility

girl I just peed on a stick. I think I’m
ovulating I think I have signs of ovulation Hi! Thanks for clicking on simply Tanika I
am Tanika if you are new here welcome hit that subscribe button let’s hang out
a while if you are returning welcome back
what’s up Fertility Fam? We got to do what?
let’s get those babies ladies hey fam our time in the bathroom and I just peed
on a stick it’s actually the first time I’ve ever
peed on a stick during my journey I always say I’m a PA as I have tried
normally have a cup but I couldn’t find any cups I think I threw them all away
so I wouldn’t do that but girl I just feel Mystics I think I’m ovulating I
think I have signs of ovulation and I try to talk myself out of testing but
then I test it anyway and I still had these tests I should have found them
worried but I didn’t um yeah so we will see no my glasses only but I’m waiting
it’s flashing hopefully that’s focused well we’ll see what it says yeah I
talked to her kosher who by the time you’re saying that she’s already
announced it and she got a positive opk but then she wasn’t sure when to put in
ovulation in her tracker and when to count it as ovulation and so I helped
her with that and she got her bf P so I’m like there’s always hope
when there’s ovulation but I am obviously I’m not baby dancing so we’ll see but I
do feel signs of ovulation specifically cervical mucus a little bit of acne here
which would be like the estrogen surgery and my cabinet needs to clean I’m
sitting down on the floor and when you’re this low I just cleaned it but oh
my god it looks like something dripped down the front anyway
yeah cervical mucus signs of ovulation so we’ll see I don’t know why I need to
know that you’ll probably never see this but just in case just in case I know
when I talked to her I was like did you record it did you um did you record
telling your husband did you have like not even just for YouTube and I think
once you get used to recording your life you want to be able to watch it again
it’s like this weird thing even if you don’t have a channel I definitely
recommend recording it because sometimes I see things and I’m like oh that’s how
that happened it’s not how I remembered it but when you see it I’m film it is
stuff with Ali hopefully this still works it’s um it’s
been a long time since I’ve used these it’s not.. I don’t even know what shelf life has on them I wonder if it
has to be laying flat maybe it does let’s do that we both look at it
together hang on oh of course as soon as I flip it over
it has a reading on it yep alright so there we go not ovulating I must have
imagined it okay bye hi there I’m back and I’m in the
bathroom it is Thursday January 31st I just took another OPK and I’m waiting on
it to give me an update I took one this morning but you see this
little um these arrows I had it flipped around so it didn’t read it at all and I
try to take it out and put it in again but something about it has to be dry I
think when you put it in and then when the wetness goes across it triggers it
so yeah that was a bust your nose was taken in the morning anyway but I was
like feeling a little I don’t know cervical mucus on my mind playing tricks
on me at this point so we shall see we shall see stuff flashing have you guys
been what’s been going on I am I don’t even know why I’m doing this but it’s
hard to walk away even though I’m saying I need a break from TTC it’s hard to
walk away I haven’t even made up my mind if I’m going to like formally try if
there’s gonna be another eye or what I don’t know yet I did call just
to like kind of get a sense of how much it would be and I talked to Antoinette
who’s the financial coordinator for Dr. McConnell over at Columbia and she was
like we’re gonna need $11,000 here before we order your meds I was like
okay she’s like yeah yeah yeah that’s kind of where we are with the financial
side of it so I’m not sure if that makes sense to do it or not knowing that the
outcome could be a B F n so I’ve got to figure it out I’ve gotta figure out will
I regret it if I don’t do it or if I do do it meaning if I don’t do another
round of IVF or if I do another round of IVF so we’re still flashing here I’m
just laying it down here is it supposed to be flat I don’t know if that actually
helps with the testing or not so we’ll see but um yeah I was watching a bunch
of stuff true-crime stuff on the Chris Watts case Chris Watts and Shannon out
in Colorado he killed his pregnant wife and his two babies okay I’m sure you
guys have heard about it but I’m obsessed with all of the footage and so
there’s been like paranormal activity and also it’s a crazy stuff so I can
hear the video still playing I can hear it don’t still low there we go I can’t
see it in my face and if I put my face on it takes the focus now let’s see all right so still low talk to you later
bye good morning fam it’s Friday February
1st happy Friday so I did another opk it’s in the morning and what I want
to get the camera it came back its positive its peak
it’s not even flashing and I took one of the old school on just
because I was like I need to know if I have something going on and it’s also
let’s see if I can do this it’s also positive sorry I’m trying to hold the
camera there I go hopefully I’m not crooked so that is the control line that is the
test line test line is definitely darker than the control line so what does that
mean means I have 48 hours about 48 hours 12 to 48 hours before ovulate so I
haven’t been temping but I think oh shit I don’t know if I can – I’ll try I’m
gonna try and do it today tomorrow Sunday Monday and see if I can catch
your eyes normally you would do it before and I’ve already been up and
moving such a bit II can’t or you shouldn’t
my body is normally not that sensitive at least when I was temping before but
yeah I’m glad that I was testing cuz I would have missed that right so it just
seems like maybe I got the surge overnight but I haven’t been sleeping
while I was up late last night so it makes sense my body is probably not
regulated um yeah so this doesn’t mean I’m gonna be trying and it’ll be clear I
just wanted to make sure everything was working right um since the loss and so
you know because sometimes you don’t ovulate afterwards so it’s a little late
I think it’s gonna be a couple days late but it it’s here so I just wouldn’t I
guess I do the temp to confirm that it’s happening because this only predicts
that it’s coming but it doesn’t tell you that it’s happened right it’s an
ovulation prediction kit obk so we need an Oct elation confirmation test or post
CK population confirmation kit anyway you get it all right I’m getting
addressed through our first ovulation is imminent talk to you later
bye one more thing before I go about the test specifically this is the clear blue
advanced digital once you get the solid line it will remain solid for 48 hours
it’s not going to let you test again so I know I see sometimes on videos and in
chat rooms where people keep testing up after they get the positive opk I don’t
know why that is once you get the peak if you’ve been tracking ahead of time
the progression and then you get the peak those no need to test again you’re
not gonna get any new information so clear blue locks you out because it
knows that your your surge is going to continue and then you’re going to
oscillate unless you don’t ovulate that would be
the only reason to keep testing but I don’t know why you would think you would
populate yeah or unless you have multiple
organizations that could be another scenario yeah if you don’t ovulate or if
you think you’re gonna have multiple populations but the test doesn’t account
for that so that’s why it locks you out for 48 hours and then really you
shouldn’t try again until the next month but I just wanted to say that because I
can’t see someone get a blazing positive a blazing positive one of these and keep
testing yeah and that is a blazing positive so
not gonna test again I’m not gonna cast yet the luteinizing hormone or the LH
surge which is what is causing that positive means that my LH is peaked it’s
then gonna go down it going down doesn’t mean anything it’s the surge of that
hormone that is going to cause the follicle to rupture and so it just
starts um wearing it down so first times the estrogen which this did not pick up
when the estrogen rises that’s when you get the flashing smiley face then when
the luteinizing hormone the estrogen rising causes the luteinizing hormone to
rise so you get this flashing smiley face to let you know hey start getting
those little swimmers on deck right that’s your early fertile days and then
the luteinizing hormone surges and it’s the surge that causes the wall of the
follicle to get thin and then the follicle to rupture through it so once
that hitting starts to happen you don’t need to test this anymore it only needs
that surge to thin it out does that make sense when we know in the comments down
below because I see this a lot and I’m like I see people taking it afterwards
and I’m like Oh guys you’re wasting money unless you’re a double ovulate err
then by all means catch both eggs or if you have a history of not ovulating you
know where you didn’t get a period and so you you know you didn’t obviously
anyway alright I get dressed

19 Replies to “Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test Progression | OPK + Fertility”

  • Unfortunately you can’t ovulate twice in one cycle. You’re body can gear up to ovulate and fail for one reason or another and usually tries again. This is why charting your BBT is so important. 🤞🏼 you’ll still be able to see your thermal shift!

    Sending lots of sticky vibes your way!! ♥️

  • I'm going to try the clear blue the cheap ovulation sticks I can never tell if it's positive or negative. I know the lines should be equally dark but confusing to me. Alot of fertility specialists recommend women who are irregular are older to temp I just can never remember to do it before getting out of bed

  • Hey girl. My cruise was great!! Hope u like my new pic. I also got a Ovusense bc I'm sick of Opks. Just don't like sticking it in my cooch every night 😂🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Girl don't feel bad. I've tested twice with the same OPK. Both positives because HCG is still in my system (miscarriage 2/9/19). Last HCG bloodwork done at doctor 2/22/19 and down to 57 from 18,000 about 3 days before miscarriage. Doctor says once I'm at O HCG we can start TTC again. Thanks for sharing support group info❤

  • Y record or show anyone u get ur bfp after years of ttc ? U just get shoved away from other ttc women cause u got ur bfp . right. Mind as well just not share . most ttc women have a heart n care n r excited for one another . and on the other hand obviously some don't this is coming from a women who has had 3 miscarriages . n my ttc sister decided to throw me away when I got my bfp but some wanna b there for me when they find out I miscarried y ? Cause I'm ttc again ? Half of this community makes no sense. Sorry but had to put the truth out there .

  • It's always reassuring that our bodies know what to do. Truth be told when it comes to taking my BBT I start taking it from CD10 to observe the thermal shift for ovulation.

  • Hello ! You are so fun to watch. Congrats
    I have a question for you i just started following you. Do you have pcos ?

  • I have seen a thousand videos here on YouTube about how to understand these digital test,, and I have to say I love how detail you get about the test.💕 Big thank you 💕

  • Hey tanika!
    I use the Femometer app and it encourages to keep testing after the peak to make sure it goes back to "low" and they say that confirms ovulation most likely happened. Then they tell u to follow your temp to verify it happened.
    Ive been wanting to ask, do u temp? Ive been following my temps since June so im super new. I wanted your insight if u know anything about interpreting the charts.

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