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Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor: How to Reset/Hard Reset/Reprogram

Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor: How to Reset/Hard Reset/Reprogram

Hi my name is Cindy and today we’re
going to learn how to reprogram/reset/hard reset the clearblue easy fertility monitor. This
fertility monitor is the monitor that you used in conjunction with Marquette
method of national family planning. Natural family planning is an alternative,
a natural alternative, to hormonal birth control and to condoms. I love it! It’s
great for your body, it’s great for your marriage, it’s great for your soul so I highly
encourage you to look into NFP. Anyway so this monitor is the monitor I use and
we’re going to reprogram it because I just had my 4th baby and I need to start
doing NFP and I’m sure that some of you are doing the same thing. So I want
all my data off. You also might want to be resetting your monitor if this is one you got from someone else you want to get all the data off. You also might be already
in your postpartum charting and starting a new post partum cycle. Every
post-partum cycle for the first six cycles (for six periods) you are going to want to do a hard “erase your hard drive” reset. I’m gonna show you how to do that. So you are going to need your monitor,of course; you’re going to need four AAA batteries. I already put my AAA batteries in, ready to go, so I’m going to shut that. You also need a test stick It can be a new test, it can be one that you
used… I know those tests are really expensive so if you want to, go for it! I’m going to put my monitor down and open my test stick. This is what it looks like when you take it out of the packaging and then in order to
put it into the monitor we’re going to take the cap off and pushing it on and it should do a click and
then you are going to take your test and you’re going to find the side that’s
flat on top so you want this side with the little angled edge on the bottom. That
is the side that’s going to go down into the monitor. So find the flat side on top grab your monitor, then, with the flat
side on top, push it in. Right now it looks like
it’s down flush with the bottom but it’s actually not in all away so you can see
it is hanging on the edge a little bit and I can even push it over more but the way that you know
that it’s in all the way and this is tricky really, is to make sure that
you hear this popping sound and that edge of this stick
slides into this part and so it’s no longer hanging off the side. So now my
test stick is in all the way and we’re ready to push some buttons. So I want you to
look on your monitor and I want you to find the ‘M’ button. (I don’t know if I
remember to say to make sure that the monitor’s off during this whole process. We know that its off because the screen is blank), so test stick inside of an “OFF” monitor. And now we’re going to
push the “m” button right here. We’re gonna hold it down for about 20 seconds so
don’t let that go, and while holding the M button down over here I’m gonna push
the ‘ON’ button. So hold this down, don’t let it go! and push the “on” button. Then you’re going to
see some crazy symbols on the screen here in a minute here’s the exclamation mark I’m still
holding that m button so do not let it go. We are holding it for probably for about 15 seconds here and
just the second we’re going to see some crazy symbols just like that and then
back to the exclamation marks and now you can let your finger down once you
are done with the crazy stuff. Now you’re ready to take your test stick out of your
monitor. See the 2 hyphen lines right here and a flashing M. Now you are ready to set
your monitor to the day that you want it! In our next video I will show you how to
do that. Thanks for watching! Happy charting and stay tuned!

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  • hi. if i use a new stick can i reuse it? i just ordered this monitor off ebay and it will have to be reset bc when i turned it on. it was already on cd 1..

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