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CNY Fertility Client Testimonials Melissa

CNY Fertility Client Testimonials   Melissa

I think that was the biggest thing is
there was never judgment here never nobody ever judged anything it
just wanted to help they never put pressure on me about weight or my
lifestyle anything they just they just wanted to help me
I actually was diagnosed with PCOS at 15 and I always knew that I’m having a baby
was gonna be struggle but I guess I didn’t realize it until I finally got
married and about six months into it my gynecologist recommended possibly
thinking of coming and I was like no not yet and then one year after we were
married I had my first appointment I instantly went right into it we ended up
going through injectables that my that cycle and there was quite a bit it was
very easy though the lady the girls broke it down for us I mean some days
I’d call here twice a day twice and just ask and but it was very easy thing they
would basically draw me a map of what to do and when to do it so I mean it was it
was a good process you know they did a good job helping me through it the
monitoring part was it was not bad it’s a lot of visits here you start off with
a baseline which is just a very simple blood test and
an internal ultrasound they measure your where you’re starting from and they then
you come back every few days and they would check to see how you were
progressing and if they needed to adjust the medication if you needed to decrease
increase and the closer you got to the actual procedure the more frequent
frequent you would come and you get and bloodwork every time – it was like a
15-minute thing and it was quick but it was nice to see the progress though and
it also gave it don’t most gave you like hope like ok this is working like I can
actually see something finally happening that’s going in the right direction yeah
I found out I was pregnant on Mother’s Day remember taking him a test because I
was not supposed to take it at home but I cheated and I took a picture of it and
I I sent it to my sisters and I was like oh my god is this is this real and my
mom I remember she came into our kitchen and she just jumped up and cried and
cried and my husband was that worse you didn’t even know at that point and we
just I I couldn’t even believe it it was just like the best feeling ever like
this worked it says yes after all these years of saying no it finally said yes
yeah I mean my first party went great I was here until I was like nine and a
half weeks and then I went to my regular ob/gyn I had a really great pregnancy I
stayed on medication for Debra I think was up to 17 weeks every few weeks it
seemed like one more medication got taken away but it mean it also gave me
comfort having the medication because it made me feel like
they’re helping me keep this pregnancy alive and going and so it went great
and I had a healthy boy in January I joined the Facebook the see my fertility
Facebook and it really helped because there were so many people with the same
story and it was just nice to be able to relate to somebody else I mean my
sisters were both had successful pregnancies I didn’t have anybody that
really understood and there were so many women that did and there were so many
women that gave you hope to like they are positive and they’re encouraging and
you basically could say whenever you wanted and somebody understood you did
this you you made my family

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