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Common Questions: Cancer & Fertility

Common Questions: Cancer & Fertility

>You actually have some common questions,
that newly diagnosed cancer patients can discuss with their medical team, so let’s
go through one of these, one-by-one let’s look at the graph, will my treatment
affect my ability to have children in the future?, like we said that’s a very
common one?. correct yes, and oftentimes write it completely depends on the plan
of care as created by the oncologist, as I said there is no real way to measure
or to definitively say that one cancer different will definitely affect
fertility forever, or not, but again we counsel all patients in the same way,
notifying them that they may have a risk, and that they should pursue fertility
sparing measures.>Dr. Diaz how steps before beginning treatmen?,t once this, the
patient has decided to preserve fertility, what are the steps?. Yeah, I
think this is a very important question, again it really depends on the tailor
treatment that patients are going to receive, right?, and so depending on
whether this is surgery chemotherapy radiation and – what part of the body,
are the options and that we can work with our colleagues in reproductive and
infertility as far as developing a plan, sometimes it can be simply trying to
suppress the gonads during the treatment, sometimes we need something more
invasive as far as trying to harvest either, sperm banking, or oversight, or
embryo banking, so it’s really tailored to the individual patient, and tailored
ninon their specific treatment for their cancer, and this is why it’s so important
for these patients to be seen in a large center such as ourselves with the mammy
cancer suit, where you have a whole team that’s devoted to this, and we have
ourselves social workers, our nurses, our colleagues, and infertility all working
with the same common goal for these patients.>At the Miami Cancer Institute,
what are some of the options available what patient wants to have children the
future?, and they want to ask you if that treatment affects them getting pregnant.>
Yeah so, again that’s one of the conversation that we have with our
patients who desire future fertility, or who just aren’t sure, and want to know
what the options are, and again we work in a collaborative team between the
various groups, it really tailored knowing the treatmen,t but they’re either
pre or post treatment fertility options.

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