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Conversational Hypnosis Demonstration: Dealing With Broken Promises

Conversational Hypnosis Demonstration: Dealing With Broken Promises

Can I have a volunteer please? Do you want to come up? Give her a round of applause. Bring your chair please. Applause. So, you had a part a moment ago that you did
the whole advice thing with right? Whatever the problem you brought up for that
partner is, please don’t bring it up here because I want you to save that for the next
exercise is that okay? Yes. However, I would like you to offer me another
genuine problem that’s very small, and that you’re willing to have the world know about. I guess the best one, people make promises
then they go back on them. Nice. So you get upset when people make a promise
and then go back. On a scale of one to ten, ten is complete
trauma and freak out and zero is like, I am Zen Buddhist. A six. Okay. My preference for this exercise, for the rest
of you would be like a three or a four just because we don’t want to have too much emotion
interfering. When someone promises something and they don’t
do it, it upsets you is that right? How do you know you’re upset? I feel angry. Where in your body do you feel that? I feel it in my… Wonderful. The only reason I’m checking for the emotion
is so we have a contrast point later on and that’s the 6 you were talking about right? Yes. That’s what I want to know. Excellent. You tried things before to resolve it before
have you? Yes. And is there a reason you want to resolve
this? It’s unpleasant to feel angry and frustrated. So you have a situation where people make
promises and you rely on those promises and then when they go back it’s disappointing,
and that frustrates you and you get angry and upset about that. And you’d much rather feel what, in those
situations? I’d rather feel calm. Accepting. Not taking it personally. So you can be more calm and accepting. You don’t want to take it personally. So, in other words, when you’re not taking
it personally you are being more calm and accepting is that right? That’s right. Now, I have a sense that you’re thinking
of a specific situation is that right? Yes. If you were to step outside of your body so
you could see yourself there talking to that person and that person has just given you
the bad news that they’re breaking their promise. Okay. And there’s a mind watching that body, how
did that feel? Better? So who’s upset you watching the body or
the body talking to the person? The body talking to the person. Right. So as a mind observing that interaction, how
do you feel there? More neutral. More neutral… So just stop doing that and notice what happens. You know how to do this. You know how to be more neutral. You know how to be more calm. You know how to make it less personal. Now the body in front of you doesn’t know
it yet, so what if you were to teach the body how to feel more neutral, wouldn’t that
be something nice? That would be very nice. I wonder how you’re going to do that. So if you were actually in the body talking
again disappointing thing back… how are you? Yeah. Is it a six or has it gone down already? What number? Three. Do you think if we wait around it’s going
to go down even further? Yeah. And as you have that conversation, do you
notice how you being different changes the nature of the conversation so actually the
whole thing is better for both of you? Isn’t that interesting? So when you take it personally, they take
it personally and it’s much more pleasant for both of you. Well they don’t know about it. Of course, but you’re different when reacting
to them and they’re going to sense that aren’t they? Yeah. You’re smiling quite widely for someone
who’s disappointed. I like the process. Well it’s your process, I’m just sitting
here waiting. Is it a zero yet? Yeah right now it feels like a zero. How did you do that? I don’t know, you’re good. I’m just talking to you and giving you advice. Don’t take it too personally. Yeah. I’ve been giving myself that advice. Yeah, but there’s ways of giving yourself
advice and then there’s ways of giving you advice. I’m glad you switched. Me too. It feels good doesn’t it? It does. Do you think you’ll continue it? I’m sure I’ll continue it. I wonder how many other situations that would’ve
been disappointing will come and you’ll go hey, I’m actually going to enjoy it because
I proved to myself that I can be all Zen. I wonder too. Yeah. Of course, now and then it’s okay to get
upset right? No. How are you doing? I’m good. Done? I think so. Give her a round of applause, folks.

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