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County of Los Angeles Street Medicine

County of Los Angeles Street Medicine

I’m Carrie Kowalski I’m a physician
assistant I’ve been doing street medicine for seven years.
“Let’s get your temperature.” “Okay, (speaking Spanish).” Street Medicine means that we literally bring medicine to people in
the streets so I carry a backpack with me that’s full of diagnostic equipment
and medications so I’m able to do a full physical assessment in the field and
diagnose and treat and often we have the medicines we need to treat the common
things that we see on a daily basis. What we see with people who have become
chronically homeless it takes a lot of effort from a lot of different
professionals in multiple different fields to get that person back on their
feet. Our team is a multidisciplinary team so
we have peers, case managers, substance use counselors, mental health
professionals, and then myself doing medical care. Short term goals for our
clients are always to bring immediate care to them so immediate medical care,
immediate mental health services, immediate substance services. Long-term
goals are housing because it’s really difficult to be healthy when you’re
outside there’s a lot of trauma that goes on outside and so the housing is
critical. When we give preventive services, when we
give vaccinations, and we screen for problems before they become catastrophic
it improves the quality of life for our whole country. There are so many people
living out there on the street and when we go to them and talk with them we’re
able to see that they’re just real people, they have real problems and we’re
able to talk to them and interface with them and treat them like human beings
and they really appreciate that.

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