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Cupping Therapy For Neck And Back Pain | Physical Therapy

Cupping Therapy For Neck And Back Pain | Physical Therapy

A lot of time in conjunction with traction or when we treat any kind of back injury , there is certain amount of spasms and tightness that go along with it. Your body wants to guard it naturally so it tend to kind of twist and tense you. We do cupping therapy for that purpose. In this case we’re gonna do a cupping after traction. This is just some coconut oil For the cups to stick better. It quite simple. We want to find spots along the muscles here, along the paraspinals. This tends to be a really good tension spot, so we start there. It’s three pumps. Interesting thing with cupping is that’s it’s both therapeutic and diagnostic. You tend to get a little more redness, little more blood flow to the area that that’s tend to be a little tighter. After we take the cuffs off we can see the marks and generally where it’s a deeper bruise is where you carrying a little more tension. This doesn’t really hurt and we’ll ask the patient how she feels, but you do feel a little like a suctioning. It’s kind at first, it’s initially can be a little bit uncomfortable for some people, some people like it. But then, just getting used to it very quickly. That’s something we do for about five to seven minutes. We don’t over do it too much. We’re going to cover it up so they patient can just relax and that’s basically cupping therapy.

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