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Cupping with Cropster Cup

Cupping with Cropster Cup

We cup from origin to cafe. The most important reason we cup?
Quality. Cupping began on paper and advances were made. The next great advances start
with the device in your pocket. Quality improves when we measure it. Cropster Cup helps you measure whenever and wherever you are.
Set up formal, informal, sourcing or production cuppings in seconds. Use whatever device you want. Connected cupping means easy entry. Enter or select once and everyone is ready. Normal or blind labels are a breeze. Session ready? Just hit print. With Cropster Cup every detail is saved automatically. Every insight is shared. When you are ready. The result is simple. There’s more free time for what matters. You can focus entirely on the coffee. Entering information is quick and easy. On or offline. Use industry standard or custom sheets.
If you have your phone, you’re ready. You can capture every aspect you want or need for your business. Flavors, intensities and origin information are all standardized or customized for your needs.
As soon as you are complete, your insights are ready to use. Comparing notes with your team is more than just a conversation. With Cropster Cup it’s a data-driven analysis. Understand where you are today with the simple, but deep, analysis. Save what you learn automatically. Cupping over time brings even greater benefits. Hey guys, I found cupping sheets!

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