Ivan Zamorano

Acupunture Treatment



Hey guys if you watched the Olympics back in August you would have seen all sorts of athletes mostly Americans covered in
red little spots they look like they’ve been sucked on by an octopus and these
are the result of cupping therapy or suction cup therapy. There was a whole
bunch of athletes with them across their shoulders and their back so what we’re
going to throw one up here if you can do that right now ping and so the athletes were using this as a soft tissue modality, we want to
answer the question does it work? Or why does it work? Most people will use
the cups to help with circulation or tightness in soft tissues and muscles
and what they do is they suck onto the skin and draw the circulation up towards
the surface. So they help improve your circulation there’s not a whole lot of
scientific evidence to back them up. We talk about scientific evidence in
different levels or different grades and truthfully when it comes to cupping
therapy there’s pretty much no evidence that it works. However sometimes
anecdotally some people will say that it has been useful for them so that’s
probably what happened at the Olympics is that the athletes thought it might be
useful they might get an extra 1% and it might improve their chances of getting a
medal. Will it work for you or will it be useful for you? Look it depends on your
problem, depends on your condition, it might help your symptoms, it might help
you get moving a little bit more, might help with a little bit of circulation is
it going to solve your problem? Probably not and what will solve your problem is
some guidance and education and therapy from your physiotherapist helping you
with the right exercises and the right treatment plan to get your injury or
issues solve and back to normal. Cupping might form a part of that
process but probably not, we use it but we use it sparingly. There is another
side to cupping and that’s the Chinese side that’s used in traditional Chinese
medicine which some physiotherapists will incorporate but that’s a whole
another story for another day so that explains what all those red dots
were all over the American athletes at the Olympics in August 2016. If you got
any questions around cupping or suction cup therapy, drop them in the
comments below or flick us a message on Facebook or an email and we’d be happy
to answer any questions you’ve got. Bye for now!

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