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hi everybody my name is Rhys Barber I’m the audiologist here at audiology associates we upload new ear wax removal videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 9 p.m. UK time so please consider subscribing hi everybody this is Rhys Barber from audiology associates thank you very much for watching out you actionable video today apologies for the voice I’ve still got a bit of a cold so you can see that we’ve got a quite Block W ear canal here patients come through really not here and particularly well either side what you can see is we’ve got some very dry skin and ear waxed over here at the entrance to the ear canal so I’m just pushing that out of the way see if we can detach it so we can get to this ear wax blockage behind so you can see it’s quite dark in colour we get a hold of this outer section the front section this ear wax is starting to move so you can see it working out of working out the ear canal there we’ve got a good grip on it you can see it’s actually quite hard it’s a little bit too big to fit out this ear canal so we’re trying to get it out but it’s not really budging so we’re gonna switch to the Jobson horn I’m just going to slow this down so you can see this coming out we just go above the front section of ear wax here just pull towards the camera and just break that front section down you can see just how sticky the ear wax is because it’s actually continuing further in so we’ve just folded this front section die rather than detached it completely so I’m just gonna aim slightly beyond that now just to pull out this next section you can see it’s quite dark still attached to the section behind so we’ve just folded that section down so we can see the section behind just going to go into that now and very slowly bring this out yeah we are and the whole thing the whole thing comes out let’s take a look behind that now you can see there’s another section just sitting there if we can bring that when I so just get behind this you can tell this is the last she’s moving quite freely there we go out that piece comes as well so quite a bit in that eh yeah when we take a look here you can see there’s quite a lot of dry patches teeny tiny little bits of Dries dot sort of dry skin and dry ear wax in there as well I’m just gonna see if we can scrape this a little bit here still firmly attached this is like an hour walk yeah starting to scrape away so we’ll just take those few little pieces away there but you can see all these little tiny tiny pieces are so small that we wouldn’t actually be able to pick those up with the suction so they will just migrate out on their own a little bit of dry skin here at the entrance so you can see just beyond that then you’ve got this much thicker deeper piece of ear wax similar to what we had on the other side so I’m just gonna remove those outer sections there get rid of some of these dry dry pieces of skin here just to it just to improve the view lots of little dry flakes you can see why the way this the ear wax itself has become so dry when you look at the ear ear canal walls and and how much dry skin is coming away on there you can see that that would have a knock-on effect with the ear wax on the inside of the ear because the ear wax will absorb any oils that we produce in the ear canal to keep it nice and soft keeping my grating out but when you’ve got these very dry patches you don’t produce as much oil it dries the ear wax as well so it’s quite common to see this drier type ear wax with dry ear canals as well so reminder to get a grip on this now with the standard size on the tube I’ve just attached here from the left from story from the right ear canal wall and just trying to move it into space but you can see it’s got so far and stopped so we’re going to use the jobs and horn as we did on the other side just pushing into the ear wax there but not enough to touch the ear canal underneath and just drawing for ward you would take another pass of a gouge out to the front of this ear wax just gonna get behind it now just slow in a video down slowly moving this out there we go out it comes you can see was connected to the piece behind as well as the other side was who saw there was a connection but we’ve broken up French section where you can see we’ve got a very sort of a sloping type of ear wax which is which is a little bit more difficult to get hold of a suction but we’re gonna lift it from the ear canal wall Chancellor asked him to get the right angle to get a good secure suction grip on he’s gonna be pretty slim we’re going to try if it’s loose enough sometimes you can you can get enough of a grip to pull it forwards but as you can see we’re struggling a little bit so forceps are going to come into play now I’m just going to get underneath the top and bottom here and see oh dense this is as we pull it out there we go you can see we’ve got so far and it just just lost Oh grip a little bit always a difficult procedure to take it away your forceps with too much pressure in it she is too little pressure and you’re gonna lose your grip you can see what – to pull this away start the shear a little bit got to the outer part the ear canal so we just moved it forward working further back and just trying to get it good and a few there so we can get the forceps in there we go to show you guys what’s going on as well – trying to hold back enough for you to be able to see there we go it’s moving it’s coming forwards and out to the ear canal now I’m gonna go in there with the Jobson horn though we’ve brought it forwards look out behind it pull it the rest of the way difficult to deal with the jobs in home when you’ve got that slope because you’re gonna be pushing against the slope so you can actually be pushing the ear wax further in and you can see we’ve got a similar problem here dry flakes there to the right-hand side let’s see if we can actually take these away without causing any discomfort you can see pretty firmly wedged on there so we’re just going to scrape them loosen them up a little bit here we go there’s a little bit of dry skin there at the entrance we’ll just take that away there we go we are there’s the eardrum they’re looking nice and healthy so you can see it was a lot in but you know both he is six centimetres all together all seven inches two and a half inches so I’m gonna go with there so you can see it was quite quite a few pieces in there all together thank you very much for watching our video today if you did enjoy the video then please like if you not subscribe to idea you’d like to do so you can click the subscribe button here if you’d like to check out some more videos there also up there now if you want to follow us you can do on Facebook Twitter Instagram and also check our website if you want to know a little bit more about us as always guys until the next time take care

98 Replies to “DARK DRY EAR WAX REMOVAL – EP 282”

  • Thanks for the videos! I hope that when you retire the next guy will definitely take over cause I don’t know any other channel that does as good as you also I’m in the same boat I got a cold! get better soon!

  • Rhys, push fluids, rest, and flush that gnarly virus out. I hope you feel better soon, and Leah too if applicable. ❤️

  • Hey Mr B. I just came out of a nasty influenza, one thing that helped me get over it in addition to my medical treatment was chicken soup and lots of tea. If you can find the Ricola herb tea it works wonders! And gargle with warm water with salt.

  • Ah, Rhys, hope that miserable cold disappears for you soon, poor man. Hope the wife is feeling better as well. More virtual chicken soup is on the way with a large pot of lemon honey tea. Did you know honey works in the throat just like olive oil in the ear? Keeps that nasty mucus from clinging. Loved this video, I always learn a little something.
    More hugs from across the pond.

  • Is it just me or does anybody's else ears tickle or throat tickle when they watch these awesome videos? Once again great work Mr B and you are a trooper too working through a nasty cold I hope your honey smooth voice gets back to normal soon Sir! 👍👍👍👍

  • Such great never ending wax today! Hope the cold doesn’t linger too long. Lots of vitamin C, pineapple juice for the throat and rest are my go-to’s. Thanks for the vid!

  • Great Video as usual.
    Sounds like the virus is going around your office. I could hear someone coughing in the back ground. Hoping you and the Lovely Mrs. B are on the mend. I've had a virus for almost a month now and still have the persistent cough and occasionally an ear ache.
    Would love to see your eardrums Mr. B. We might see a less than pearlesent ear drum and they might even have a bubble or two

  • Hi Mr B. Ah you poor thing. You really are battling. Well I am not gonna give you any advice on how to cure yourself, because you know your own body and what it needs. Epic video tonight!! Looked easy to remove all that wax but only because you did it. I bet it was really challenging though. Get better. Much love 💜, mmm67😄🦎

  • Sorry you're still not well! Hope recovery is soon for you! Oh that ear must be so uncomfortable with all that wax! They are lucky to have you to get it out for them!

  • So sorry you're still under the weather, hope Mrs. B is better now. Thanks for the video, that was a huge amount of wax.

  • If you're still gunky after a virus get 4 small pebbles, about the size of butter beans, pop 2 in some cold water and the other 2 in hot water. After washing your face, before you dry it, take the hot pebbles on their flattest side one in each hand and smooth them over your eyebrows to your ears, under your eyes to your ears and work across your cheeks – always dragging toward the lymph nodes at your ears. Then repeat with the cols stones xx

  • Well that was really good. I don't understand how people with dry skin around the edge of their ears don't try & pick or peel it away themselves – I'd be picking away at that like crazy 😃👂👂

  • Rhys I need help there is an emergency. I have watched every single video of yours multiple times and now I may have to watch Mr Neel’s. Can you get more helpers to suck the wax out so you can retire and make YouTube videos for a minimum of 12 hours a day. Thank you.

  • Hello Dr. Barber 🖐🏼😃. THAT was really awesome And quick ‼️ Good Job ‼️ Hello Mrs. B.😃🖐🏼💙💜✝️🤗. Michigan in the house ‼️

  • Love, love, love watching these vids! Which clinic are you based in Dr B? In south England, but willing to travel with hubby to see you 😊

  • Hi, strange question but would it help if they put olive oil in their ears once a week? To stop it being really dry. Love the videos they are amazing

  • Hello! I have a question for you, if you do not mind me asking 😁 I'm curious about this type of career. If I am good with tools, enjoy helping others and don't get bothered by this type of content (I love it 😂) would you recommend it as a career? Is there anything I may need to know about it?

  • My word! I don’t think this person could have heard at all in time if you hadn’t removed the “cork”. He was fortunate to have you on the job! Now, go have some chicken soup, tea with lemon and honey, and a nice nap…orders from your adoptive granny in Maryland, USA.

  • I am most likely going to study abroad when I get to college and I am going to HAVE to make time to come see you! I've always wanted to get my ears cleaned and I love your videos so much! So I may or may not see you in a few years haha.

  • Nice juicy 6cm of Crusty AWESOMENESS removed by our TOP EXPERT RHYS❣️👌🏾 Soooooo satisfying. Just wot I needed for a nite cap! 😂👍🏾

  • The Jobson Horn in slooooo mooooo, ahh life is goo, thanks Mr Barber!
    Rest your voice! I’m a YouTube doctor so I know about these things! 😂😂😂😂🤷‍♀️

  • You really have a steady hand. You are great at what you do. Thank you for helping people hear again. I like the way you spell your name. Very different. My son has a friend with the same name, but he spells it Reece.

  • Jeez i can only imagine the relief they had after…amazing…looks like a cross between treacle tart filling and sticky toffee pudding!

  • Ohh, so sorry you feel bad Rhys, hope you feel better soon. Flu going around here really bad in the U.S. mine turned into pneumonia and I had the flu shot!! Be careful and hope Leah's okay.😊 👍👍👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • OhMyGosh! Do you ever pop out a big was and when you go back in find yet another one and think, well damn!? I swear sometimes you go as far as behind the eyeballs! Lol

  • Now I am confused, I got an ad at the end of the video. What's going on 🤯

    Superb video as usual though Rhys 👍😁

  • Question. Why the Jobson horn and not the St. Barts ( I think that’s what it is named) hook? I’ve only seen you use it a couple of times. Any reason to use one vs the other? Thanks!

  • The video was amazing as always, but your poor voice! Try to rest it. YouTube subscribers can wait! I read that chocolate is actually good for coughs. I figure it can’t hurt.

  • Wow! That was a couple of very full ears. I like the slo motion. It is easier to see some of what you are doing. Take care of the cold, Rys. You do not want to lose your voice completely.

  • Hi Resse. Hope you are feeling better. I think it has come to Australia as I've had it for 2 weeks 😀🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Great extractions as always Mr B..! But I think it's time for some tea infused with lemon, honey and mint, very refreshing for your throat. You always tell us to take care..! Now you take care. 👍🙏

  • I want to pick out the dry flakes with a pair of tweezers. Then put lotion on a qtip and gently rub it into the ear canal.

  • The first week day (my least favourite day) but I have a nice earwax removal video waiting for me when I get home!

  • I've often wondered – obviously you'd be hard of hearing with all that wax but once it's removed & you can hear again, does noise at a normal level seem loud until you adjust?

  • I have two serious and possibly stupid questions:
    1) what can cause these kinds of situations? Is this common or is it an ailment?
    2) sometimes the wax and skin are very very long. According to google, the ear canal is 2.5cm but some of these span much more than that. How is that possible?

  • Love your videos, feels weird enjoying watching ear wax removals, thank goodness I'm not alone, husband thinks I'm crazy. Anyway, my mom's audiologist in the States flushes her wax vs pulling it out. Is one better than the other? Is there a reason why you flush vs cleaning out the ears like you do?

  • I think most would agree: We adore you and would totally understand if you need to skip an episode to rest your voice while recovering. Great video, but we want you both getting rest and over the bug!

  • I Love the slow motion removals, I really can see the wax moving. Thanks again for another great removal 💖 P.S. My Mom use to give us a tablespoon with Honey, fresh lemon and a some Whiskey, we'd get it at night before bedtime. She did this for about 3 nights. Not only does it work,we sure slept well. Oh plus shed rub Vicks Vapor rub on our chest and pack up our chest.

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