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DIY: Ancient anxiety medicine.

DIY: Ancient anxiety medicine.

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  • AMAZING! Wow, could I ever feel this calm my nervous system down. I almost cried too. Such a simple but powerful tool <3

  • Wonderfully simple tool that worked for me! I shared it with several friends tonight. I haven't yet dived in to your work but I'm excited to learn more.

  • Hi, lovely Idea, thank you – a very good friend shared this. I had to stop after just under 5 minutes as it was too much for me personally in my state of anxiety, stress, ptsd etc but this is great the 5 minutes I managed were good for me. Have you considered 1 or 2 minute versions? Bright Blessings and many thanks to you and the work you are doing in service xx Marcus_Bollonius (UK)

  • I am very familiar with this technique! This is the Triple Warmer/Spleen Hug, that Donna Eden from Eden Energy Medicine has been teaching for decades! One hand is over one of the T.W. point on the upper arm, the other is on a Spleen point under the arm. It calms the Triple Warmer, the meridian governing the fight, flight or freeze response while the Spleen meridian boosts our immune system, increase our vitality and acts as a nurturing mother. What fun to see this exercise crossing over various approaches!

  • Irene, i'm not sure if you are moderating the comments on this video anymore, but i wondered about something… I first came across this calming exercise with a video I watched with Peter Levine being interviewed about safety and trust and feeling anxious. I tried it, and promptly burst into tears. After a few minutes, the tears passed and i started yawning. I tried the exercise again a few days later and had the exact same response. Now, as I try it with you, I am having the same reaction. What is that?! My sense its that its supposed to calm me… but it seems to be a release point of some kind and i'd love to understand a little more about it!!! Thank you for all that you do. Kristin

  • Irene, I've being watching you since last week and I feel we are on very similar tracks, by any chance you have material in Spanish? my followers would be very happy to read/hear what you have to tell them, it's great to find you and see that what I have discover to deal with anxiety is shared by other professionals. Congratulations and thank you!

  • This felt amazing. Is it normal to laugh. I couldn't control it, I just erupted in genuine laughter. It was quite cathartic.

  • Where Peter Levine introduces those positions in a video, I thought: This is like JIN SHIN JYUTSU!!! (?)

    Thank you, Irene, for giving it the credit it deserves!

    I have been using JSJ since 2011 – the whole shebang with the meridian hand positions as well as the grand central to give myself energy that helped to get out of the burnout – and I would say this certainly helped me with anxiety and shyness. I used to be so shy and anxious. If one takes it further, using the bladder and kidney meridian hand positions every day for a while, one will certainly notice a shift.
    Also when I felt depressed it helped me doing certain hand positions. Using our hands is what we have at our disposal wherever we are at any time. It is only natural, right? When we bang our head, what do our hands do automatically? When we have lower back pain, where do our hands go (actually a JSJ hand position too)
    Therefore I am a big fan of hand positions/ JSJ since I know they have a very powerful impact on us.

  • I've done it like the whole video and I'm still panicky :/ there's something about hugging myself that really scares me and I have no idea why. It did help me notice some other feelings tho, like anger and tiredness

  • Oh my god I just can’t help but notice how similar these calming practices to yoga, especially the calming, realizing the tension and trying to release it and similar to mindfulness as well. So many connections in my brain are happening right now hahah

  • Hi I’m in process of rehabilitation of my nervous system after years of being trapped in flight flight freeze with crazy levels of anxiety for twenty years. I had a complete breakdown where my body is stuck with excruciating tension. When I go to my body and feel it and sense it, it’s so overwhelming I end up screaming running or convulsing. I know there is a way through this. But I don’t know how to stop retraumatising. I do have a clinical psychologist and will start TRE work this week. The tsunami is over flowing. Thank you for your wonderful work x

  • 👍💖 Thank you Irene. Amazing. I felt a warm energy and a smile with much gratitude for all my body had gone through and how it got me through all of the trauma without totally collapsing, giving up, or dying. Wonderful and helpful centering self-help tool. 😊

  • I used this today during group therapy where I was feeling a lot of anxiety and depression and felt like I was leaving my SELF. This was very helpful. Thanks for this tip.

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