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DIY – BB-8 Plush (Star Wars) Needle Felting – Feltragem a Seco

DIY – BB-8 Plush (Star Wars) Needle Felting – Feltragem a Seco

Hello good day. I hope the sound is good for you Today we’ll make this beautiful BB8 Today’s technique is called felting. To make the body and the head of BB8 I used a foam base and then pricked wool that basis.
Until the desire format To the straight base at the bottom in the head, just go poking until straight. The eyes are half pearls with a pin glue on base For details’m wearing bright orange wool and will only sticking where I want, following the design of BB8 Felting is an art of patience I did all the character details because of its size. I used as a cover for the circle. Supports the base and poke around. After the ready template-driven, do the details. my cat’s name is potato Add the ashes parts according to your taste Use white glue to attach eyes and antennae. To secure head in the body put a little more wool and sticking will carefully To make the base stand straight jab, so BB8 can stand Thank you for watching!

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