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Doc Vader on Integrative Medicine | DocVader.com

– And this is the thing. The hospital wants to make money, and keep their patient
satisfaction scores up so what do they do? They start an integrative
medicine service, which basically they should
call it the Placebo Team. Like Team Placebo, like rush in oh we need
a placebo consult stat, get me some dilute water, and give it to this patient and tell him it has
magical mystical powers, and then watch the HCAHPS scores
become 100 per cent because the patient’s like someone listened to me and
gave me mystical force energy. The only mystical energy
field is the force. I only use that for violent attack. Never for healing okay? That would be an abuse. And here’s the thing
it’s all about pandering. It’s all about pandering. Because Dr. Oz says “Oh,
we should use Reiki to “basically faith heal you.” And so Joe administrator goes Reiki well Dr. Oz said so
the patients really want it because they’re reading Oprah Magazine, so why don’t we get them some Reiki And I’m like um hello?
Can I raise my hand? Yeah went to medical school, went to residency, did some science, may I say something? This is (beep). Okay? I’m just gonna go on
record okay I’ll sit down now. Thank you. Integrative medicine service. Gimme a break. You might as well admit somebody to the taint transplant service, that’s as real as the
integrative medicine service. And you know what they
had the nerve to tell me? The medical board called me and they said Doc Vader there’s a complaint that you’ve been diverting medications. And I said what medication
have I been diverting? And they said essential oils. And I said Oh! I didn’t
know that was a medication. Also yes I have been diverting them, straight to the trash. You know and when I confront
them about the lack of data, they say you have bad energy bro, and I’m like yes I do so suck it hippies . Energy Look I have been around from one end of this galaxy to the other. I have never seen a lavender essential oil that will not grow man breasts.

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