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Does Age Affect Male Fertility? | #spermbanter | Dr Fertility

Does Age Affect Male Fertility? | #spermbanter | Dr Fertility

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  • I would certainly never encourage anyone to have kids before they’re ready. However, if you would like to have kids in the future, it’s important to have all of the information so that you can plan. We don’t want anyone to falsely believe that age doesn’t matter for men’s fertility, only to find that having a child is more difficult than they thought that it would be. If you’d like to have kids, make sure you consider the impact of aging on both partners when planning. Sperm also have a greater chance of genetic abnormalities in older men. This is why the likelihood of genetic disorders rises in children born to older men. It’s also why, even after an egg is fertilized, the incidence of miscarriage is higher when the father is older. Genetic changes in the sperm can affect the embryo’s ability to grow and develop properly. Reproductive technology does not change the genetic makeup of sperm, although technicians can select the healthiest embryos for transfer into the uterus to maximize the chances of a healthy baby. Just like my case with my husband before our medical journey in Bio tex clinic.

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