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Does Weight Affect Male Fertility? | #spermbanter | Dr Fertility

Does Weight Affect Male Fertility? | #spermbanter | Dr Fertility

– There’s been a lot written
about body mass index and its relationship to semen
quality or its relationship to male fertility. I have to say I find the
data a little bit confusing. We’ve certainly done studies
where we haven’t seen an association between body
mass index and sperm quality. Whereas I do know there are
some other large studies out there that have. When a man puts on weight
several things happen. On the one hand it might
indicate a poor diet. And a poor diet may be
detrimental to sperm production. It also is related to changes
in hormones in his body. So men who have a higher
fat content in their bodies often have more circulating
estrogens in their bodies and that can make sperm
production work less well. The third thing is that men
who are overweight can have hotter testicles and that’s
because there’s more fat down there which means that the
testicles are surrounded by more tissue and they get less
air circulating around them so they tend to heat up a little bit more. Which itself can stop sperm
production being at its optimal. I think the best advice
is that I think we could probably all lose a couple of pounds. Maybe some of us could lose a
little bit more than others. And I think we all know
what is a healthy weight. So there’s certainly no harm
if you’re trying for a baby is to be a little bit more
in shape and have a better body mass index. It may not revolutionize
your sperm quality but it certainly won’t harm and it may just help.

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